There are many uses that we give to our PC, because we not only use it for basic things, but also for more extensive tasks such as work, studies and many others. Due to this, it is totally common for junk files or files that we no longer use to accumulate, causing our computer to become extremely slow. If you want to solve that problem, today we show you how to use Clean Master on your PC to clean and optimize the system .

This famous cleaner has been used by many of us on our cell phones to keep them optimized, but now you can also use it on your PC if you wish. If after using your computer a lot you feel heavy and somewhat slow, don’t worry, because Clean Master is the best solution for this annoying problem.

How to use Clean Master on your PC?

Today we have an application available to solve almost any problem. In fact, whether for mobile or PC , we have a large repertoire of apps that give us the opportunity to learn, have fun and solve serious problems in the operation of devices.

And an app that is undoubtedly a great option for anyone is Clean Master. This allows us to clean and release unnecessary files on a computer, just as the same app is available for mobile devices. With a simple and clear interface, it can be used by all kinds of people without any problem. But how can you get this app on your own computer?

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Well, here are the simple steps you must follow to use Clean Master on your PC to clean and optimize the system. Whether you have a Windows PC, Mac or some other, we encourage you to keep reading to keep it really clean.

Steps to download Clean Master on your PC

If you want to have a computer with good speed and capable of carrying out daily tasks, you need to be able to clean, optimize and speed up your PC with Windows or any other operating system. An excellent way to achieve this is with the Clean Master cleaner, and if you want to get it on your PC, the steps to follow are very simple.

First of all, you must enter the official Clean Master page. Once there, you can choose between two versions of the application: the common one with basic options, or the “Pro Edition” which is the premium or paid version that has more cleaning options.

Whichever one you choose to download, select the one you like the most and install it on your computer like you would install any other app. It’s that simple! Once this is done, you just have to start using the options offered by this app to be able to boost your computer and keep it clean. But what are these options? Below we show you the ones that you can use without problem from Clean Master.

What cleaning options does Clean Master offer on your PC?

There are many options available in this wonderful cleaning app, so now we give you a list of them so that you can use them without any problem. These are:

  • PC Boost. This function allows us to boost or improve the performance of our PC by accelerating it by canceling the start of totally unnecessary systems.

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  • Trash cleaning. The name says it: it gets rid of junk files that are simply taking up unnecessary space .
  • Driver Booster. This function scans and repairs the different drivers of the computer in use.
  • Privacy improvement. With this function, Clean Master protects files that could compromise the privacy of the computer owner from intruders.
  • Crusher. This option completely and permanently deletes any file you select, preventing it from being cached anywhere on the device.

These are just some of the options available in Clean Master, so we encourage you to try it out for yourself. It is undoubtedly an excellent option to clean a hard drive and improve the performance of our PC. We hope that this guide can be of great use to you and that you manage to get the most out of everything that this wonderful cleaning app has to offer.

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