PowerPoint certainly makes life easier for people who want to make presentations in a simple and professional way. And is that despite being a tool that requires dedication, things as simple as adding placeholders in PowerPoint is a task that today anyone can do, even if they do not have experience.

Nowadays, anyone makes use of the tools that PowerPoint offers because in addition to being a fairly intuitive presentation editor , you can also create professional animations that seem to be taken from a professional program; and this, clearly, is thanks to practice.

What are they and what is the use of adding placeholders in PowerPoint?

Everyone knows what a placeholder is even though they don’t know what they are called; because it is that a placeholder is nothing more than the text box or default image that every PowerPoint slide brings when creating a new slide. I assure you that you did not know that they were called that way.

Now, these markers play a fundamental role when designing a slide, because although it is true that each sheet can be customized with countless tools, the placeholders are automatically set and make it easy to fill in the slide either with information or with videos.

Many people choose to make use of these markers because they undoubtedly facilitate the work when designing a new slide, or when they do not have a clear idea of how you want the main design to be.

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Find out how to easily create and add placeholders in PowerPoint

It should be noted that PowerPoint sheets can be customized in many ways, from creating a default wallpaper for each of your sheets, or simply making use of the tools that are already established, such as placeholders .

In general, the placeholders on each sheet come in two large boxes, one for the title and one for the development, or failing that, to add images or videos that are in tune with the title you have selected.

However, if you need more than two frames, adding placeholders in PowerPoint is fairly straightforward and will not affect the layout you already have on your slide. It should be noted that these actions can be performed in any version of PowerPoint, however, you can also download the most updated version of PowerPoint to have more advanced tools.

Add placeholders in PowerPoint easily

As mentioned above, the position charts in PowerPoint are given by two rectangular boxes that fill the sheet, but the best part is that these can be customized. From tools like SmartArt to simply adding a background to each box.

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To add additional placeholders in PowerPoint, you can choose to insert a text box and adjust it to the size you want, this keeping in mind that they basically serve the same purpose.

Customizing a placeholder is fairly straightforward and requires only creativity and good taste. Best of all, added to these custom position boxes you can add borders to the sheet to make it look much more professional and eye-catching.

Removing these markers is just as easy

If, on the other hand, you want to create your own placeholders in PowerPoint , you will always have the option to delete them completely so that they do not interfere with the design of your template. This option is extremely simple since you only have to click on the marker and press the delete key on the keyboard.

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