At present, there has been a growing increase in those interested in using platforms that allow viewing online content, especially that which has to do with video games. And one of the pages that has gained a lot of acceptance and favoritism from users is Twitch.

This due to many factors, but especially, it allows you to monetize and thus earn money. That is why we will tell you below how to upload videos to Twitch from PC or PS4 in the required format easily.

How to Upload Videos to Twitch From PC or PS4 in Required Format Easily

Another reason why many people have created their account on Twitch is that you can enter from any device. Whether this is your mobile, your PC, your video game console such as PS4 or Xbox and from there also make transmissions of your games. Of course as long as you have the necessary peripherals.

So if you want to become a streaming creator, you just have to follow the instructions that we will show you in this article. And in this way you become an expert when you want to upload videos to Twitch from PC or PS4 in the required format.

How to Upload Videos to Twitch from PC or PS4 in Required Format Easily

Before we begin, we are going to talk to you about the video format that is required for you to upload videos to your Twitch channel. Try as much as possible that the recording format is of the type MP4, FLV, MOV and AVI . Another important aspect that you should watch out for is that the videos have a maximum size of 20 GB.

subir videos pc twitch

You should also know that Twitch will not allow you to upload a video higher than 1080 and that the bit rate does not exceed 10 Mbps. The other thing you should know is about the type of program you should use to record the video. And the best ones for this company are Camtasia Studio, Wondershare Filmora and the one we recommend that you use OBS Studio.

Steps to upload videos to Twitch from PC or PS4

If you follow the steps that we are going to show you below, you will not have any problem to start uploading videos on your Twitch channel and publish it. The first thing we are going to do is go directly to our browser to access the main page of Twitch. While there we will start the session with our account, if you do not have one you can create it quickly.

Now being on the board you are going to go to the profile photo and you must click there, this is in the upper right part of the screen. When you do this, a drop-down menu with different options will be displayed. In our case we are going to select the Video Studio option, this will allow a new page to be displayed.

This page will allow us to upload our videos to Twitch, the next step is to upload the video or videos you want. And for this you will select the option Drag or select the files to load them . Now you must choose the video that you are going to publish, once you have found it you must click on the Open option.

The video upload process will begin and you will have to wait a few minutes for this operation to finish. Once you upload the video, you will proceed to fill in the fields that will show the information about the video. These fields are the title, short description of the video, language, category and if you prefer you can add tags.

To finish, you will only have to click on the option Save changes and in this way we have finished with the process of uploading the video to your Twitch channel. The next step is to publish the video and to do this click on the option Schedule premiere. Several options will be displayed and you will choose the option Publish without premiere.

videos formato requerido twitch

And to finish, click on the Publish button, you realize how simple and fast it is to upload videos to Twitch from PC or PS4 . It is that this platform makes everything simple for you, because they know how difficult it is to create interesting and fun content for your audience.

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