In this article you will learn how to upload videos to Instagram easily from the PC with two different methods, one is through developer tools and the other method is a program that we can use from the PC and it is very effective.

How to Upload Videos to Instagram Easily From PC – Very Easy

Instagram currently does not have support to be able to use it from the PC and this complicates users about its use without having the mobile nearby, WhatsApp as you know has its Web version and this helps a lot to those who work with this social network and to be able to observe it comfortably from your PC, with the option to send information, videos and photos directly from the PC.

There are two effective methods to make Instagram work on our PC and we can send files, videos and photos without major problem.

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How to send Instagram videos from PC with HootSuite?

HootSuite is a platform that allows us to manage the social networks you want, in this case, Instagram, thus being able to control the publications, videos, stories and photographs that you want to schedule to upload and publish content from your PC with this program.

There are limitations in Instagram such as, for example, no more than 60 seconds in length and no more than 100MB of weight so that it can be published on the social network, this program currently offers the option of a 30-day free subscription and then you can get a paid plan to continue using it.

Step by Step

  1. To start using it, we must download the HootSuite program and install it on our computer, when entering the website we must create a new account to use the service.
  2. Once installed, we will enter the program and look in its main panel for the option to add an Instagram account.
  3. There we must enter Instagram username and password to start managing the account from this platform.
  4. In this way when you log in, HootSuite will ask you to authenticate the Instagram account with Facebook, in this way when you manage to authenticate with the account that is linked to your Facebook you will be able to access the Instagram panel.
  5. In the panel editor you will be able to do different tasks: Create a new publication, promote paid publications, and in a column to your left you will be able to see the accounts available to plan.
  6. In this case, if we upload a video, we must click on the option “Create new publication ” and there a new window will open that allows us to create the publication, text and graphic media, there in the option “Media” it lets us select a video or Photography.
  7. If we click, we can select from the computer library a video that they are interested in uploading to the social network and there it would be ready to be published, you can fill in fields such as text and location.
  8. When you finish it, you can have two publication options, ” Post now” that will do it immediately on your Instagram profile or the option “Post later” that will help us to schedule publications.



This procedure can be done from Google Chrome , the other browsers may have developer tools but not positioned in the same way. Stay at to learn more techniques and tricks on Instagram .

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