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We are in the fashion of recording videos, at all times we want to carry the camera in our hand. So as not to miss out on recording some curious event that catches everyone’s amazement. But how do I upload these videos that I want to share now on the network? That is why we are going to teach you how to upload a video to YouTube correctly from your cell phone or PC.

How to Upload a Video to YouTube Correctly From Cell Phone or PC

Let me tell you, there is nothing easier to do than uploading videos to YouTube, of course you must have or have a YouTube channel. This is the first essential requirement so that you can give the world, all your ability and dexterity, at the time of capturing with the camera everything you want to share.

How to upload a video to YouTube correctly from your cell phone or PC

The first thing we must do is start our session on the YouTube platform, then we go to the upper right part of the screen and look for the icon of a camera. We make a clip there and three options will appear, we choose the Upload video . A new window will appear where we can select the files you want to upload.

We make a clip in this window and it will take us to look for the video from our computer, we select it by doing a double clip and wait for it to load.

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Then we go on to place the name of the video , which is a name that draws the attention of those who see the video. You can also use keywords that help you search, you can use Google AdWords.

As a next step, we go to the Description of the video, in this short description try to place words that are contained in the title. You should also include a maximum of three hashtags , next to keywords and these words will appear above the video title. The next point that we will touch on is the one of the labels.

These can be found below the description and these tags must be related to both the title and the description. Normally it contains all the words of your title but without the connectives, so that you can better help yourself with this use Google AdWords that you can download from the Play Store.

Create video thumbnails

The next step would be to share your video. Where you can place different social networks, so your video can have a greater number of views. Next we go to the thumbnail of the video, we will find this option at the end of the window with the name Custom thumbnail.

We make a clip on that button and it will take us to the image and video library of our team, you must have previously saved these thumbnails. You can do these using programs like Photoshop or any other and it must be an image that attracts attention, that catches people’s eyes.

After this step, we are now going to create the Playlists, we create it by making a clip on Add to Playlist. And we can include the lists we want, it can be called the same as your video or you can put any other. Then you press the create button, it will appear in your list, you select it and it is already created.

This list of reproductions is basically to group several videos made by you and be displayed when you choose them. And they are reproduced one after another automatically, this will help you a lot to increase your views. Now to finish we will go to the last point that you must take into account to upload videos to YouTube correctly .

subir video movil

After doing the above, we return to the start window, go to the upper right and select the icon of our logo. When making a clip, a menu appears and we are going to select My channel . Then Customize channel, pressing takes us to another window and at the top you choose Video manager. Your videos appear and in any of them you press edit.

It takes you to another window and at the top you choose Final screen and annotations. And finally you select to use templates. And with this option you can add the videos you recommend at the end of your video. And in this way you learned how to upload a video to YouTube correctly from your cell phone or PC.

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