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Facebook Messenger is one of the tools most loved by many users in the world. This is a tool created for the sole purpose of directly improving communication between people around the world.

It is an easily accessible application which you can download to your device simply and easily, having several creative themes, among which the transparent one stands out. Within its platform you can stay active to have conversations with your Facebook friends, in addition to using all its tools and services.

How to Update my FB / Facebook to the Latest Version? – Fast and Free

However, an important factor to be able to use this application quickly and easily is keeping it updated correctly.

In this post we will explain, step by step, the correct way with which you can keep this application updated without the need to run any kind of risks.

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Updating Facebook Messenger on Android phones

  1. The first thing you should do is open the Play Store on your mobile device.
  2. Once inside, you must locate the button that has three thick lines horizontally. And there proceed to press the button ” My apps and games “.
  3. Once there, you must go to the ” Updates ” section when the list of options opens, you must look for the “Facebook Messenger” application . If the application appears in the list, it means that there is an update available, if on the contrary, nothing appears, it means that it is in its most recent version.
  4. If the application appears there and next to the word ” Update ” you just have to click on this button so that the update begins to download.
  5. Likewise, it should be noted that it is important that the application is not able to download in the usual way, this may happen due to some type of error. For this, it is best to deactivate the application and install it again.

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Updating the Facebook Messenger application on iOS devices

  1. Here as with any Andoid device, you must enter the application download store. In this case, we go to open the iOS App Store.
  2. If we are located in the lower right section, we can see some buttons which will lead us to the ” Updates ” button. In general, this button can be located by having a red circle just on the occasion where an application is found which requires an update and therefore it is pending.
  3. For this reason, here you must locate yourself on the “Available Updates” section , which are located on the Facebook Messenger application. If in that section, you cannot see anything, it means that it is in its most updated version.
  4. Once you press the update button, the application will automatically download its most recent version and notify you when the download has been successful. At this point we recommend that once you start the application update process, do it if you are connected to a Wi-Fi network .

If, on the other hand, you do not see any type of update, but you suspect that it is a failure in the application or something else, follow these steps:

  1. Within the app Store, proceed to search for the Facebook Messenger application. However, it is important that you do not get confused with its Lite version, since there you would be doing everything wrong
  2. After that, press the ” Uninstall ” option. If at the moment it does not work, try pressing said icon for a couple of seconds and when you see that it begins to flash and a checker appears, click on the same icon so that it is uninstalled.
  3. Once it has been uninstalled correctly, all that remains is for you to ” Install ” it again.

In this way and when it is installed again, you will be solving all the problems with the updates or those failures due to lack of compatibility.

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