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What happens if we create an event and invite someone by mistake or who we just didn’t want to invite? We would say nothing; we would only have to delete that invitation and nothing will have happened, but is it possible to delete someone from the guest list? Of course, in the world of social networks everything is possible, you just have to know how to solve each problem.

And it is that, Facebook has become a window that connects us with the whole world. This powerful social network has influenced the daily lives of more than a million users, whether to publicize an event, report an event or simply connect with friends.

What should I do to remove someone from the event list on Facebook

The first thing you should know is that only the event organizers have the free power to add or remove people from the guest list. Knowing this, you must make sure that it is you, one of those who appears under the title of organizer.

If you do not know how to do it, you will only have to enter the event file, from your Facebook account , being there, you must check the left margin, your name must appear there and then the organizer title.

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How to remove a guest from the event list

Once we make sure if we are organizers or not, we only have to interact with the guest list; this list will appear below the name of the event organizer. There is each person that we have invited to the event, next to each name, you can see a small icon of an envelope.

But then we decided to delete someone from the guest list; It is prudent to send him a message clarifying that it was a mistake, before simply disappearing his invitation.

To do this, you just have to click on his name, this action will send you directly to his profile, from there you can send him the clarifying message.

After sending the message to the person you want to remove, you will need to go back to the event template and spot the guests again.

You go to the name of the person you want to remove, even their name will remain on the list (sending a message does not automatically remove it, it is just a courtesy action that reflects our level of education).

Once the name is located, we can visualize a kind of cross , when clicking on the cross, it will automatically send us a warning message from the Facebook security system.

This message will tell us that we are going to delete a participant from the event, there we will have to decide whether or not to confirm this action.

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Once this is done, the person will be officially eliminated from our event, of course, if we want to add it again , we will only have to enter the event file again. Being there, we will have to click on share, this is in the upper right corner or feet of the cover photo.

Then, we will have to click on invite friends, we go to the name of who we want to invite and click on it.

After doing this, we will only have to press the send option and voila, you will be added to the guest list again. This whole process guarantees us an optimal organization of our event on the guest list.

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