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Modern consoles have an impressive catalog of games, which every time surprise us more for the development and depth that these have. Having a console like Xbox One or PS4 offers you to organize your games; however, constantly buying games can be an extremely expensive investment.

How to unsubscribe from Xbox Game Pass Ultimate step by step

Despite this, the companies that develop these important consoles have made things easier for their users by launching programs and subscriptions, where those players who pay for them will have access to a series of games and privileges.

In the case of Xbox, we can find subscriptions to Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate that allow users to enjoy a wide catalog of games and special multiplayer services, online and even exclusive content such as DLC.

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The problem for some is when the games you really want to play are not available or they are simply taken out of the catalog. That, coupled with the annual cost of being able to enjoy the service, may be enough reasons to want to cancel the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

Keep reading this article as in it we will explain how to cancel the subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate step by step in a simple way.

How to cancel the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription?

The moment we subscribe to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate , the monthly renewal is automatically activated, so the service will continue to be charged even if we forget our account or do not use it. The only way they will stop charging for the service is by unsubscribing.

To cancel the service we will have to access the Microsoft page and go to the services and subscriptions section. At this point, you will have to log in with your Microsoft access data.

Once the session starts we will have to click on the section to manage subscriptions and there we will have to look for the option called Management and then press cancel.

Finally, the cancellation of the subscription will have to be confirmed and once this step has been completed, the process will have been carried out satisfactorily.

In this way, and once the active period of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate expires, all subscriber benefits will be lost and the games downloaded with said service will not be accessible.

And also, the only way to recover these benefits will be with the creation of a new Xbox Game Pass Ultimate account.

Other alternatives to modify the subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

In case you do not want to lose access to the downloaded games and the benefits that Xbox Game Pass Ultimate can offer you, you can modify the subscription plan.

In this way, you can change the type of plan you have and adapt to one that suits your needs and your financial capacity.

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To be able to change the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription plan, you must access the Microsoft website menu and there you will have to click on the change button.

Later we will access a tab where we will be presented with a series of options that we can choose to change the Xbox Game Pass subscription mode.

Among the alternatives to choose we find the quarterly payment, the payments every six months, the annual payment and finally there is the option of making payments every 24 months.

Reasons to cancel your Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription

Although this package offers a large number of benefits, including a catalog with more than 200 games to download, there are certain reasons that could cancel the subscription of this service.

Among the first reasons, the monthly cost stands out . Although the value is 12 euros per month, over the months it can reach a high figure, and it may not be so profitable for casual players to pay so much money.

Another of the main reasons is the removal of games from the catalog without prior notice , as it is likely that they will remove a game that interests you, thus losing the sense of paying the subscription.

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