Social networks are extremely important in a submerged society, increasingly, as far as technology is concerned. These platforms have also been the main tool for many companies and entrepreneurs to make themselves known. Everyone wants to know how to easily unfollow all users on Instagram at the same time .

Why would anyone want to know that? Well, at present, the popularity of the accounts is managed by statistics. And of course, the one that is at a glance is the number of followed and followers.

Why use Instagram?

Of all the social networks that exist today, Instagram is one of the most important. It ranks as the sixth most used social network in the world . Instagram works as a kind of catalog that allows you to share photos and videos of the activities you do.

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Over the years, a lot of very important functions were implemented. One of the most outstanding functions is to program publications in an extremely simple way.

A platform committed to the community

One of the most outstanding aspects of Instagram have been the policies implemented to deal with bullying. In this sense, it has provided its users with the mechanisms to report an Instagram account that publishes inappropriate content .

It has also been known that Instagram stores information on the complaints made . Publications, comments, profiles, among other elements. All this data is used to detect and eliminate offensive content. In turn, it allows them to act promptly when blocking or suspending accounts .

Stop following users on Instagram

It is very common, especially in business accounts, to follow a large number of users. This allows you, in some way, to publicize your brand or business and accumulate followers.

The problem with this procedure is when, having gained followers, you want to reduce the number of followed. Unfortunately, Instagram has a significant limitation in this regard .

Not only is there no native mechanism for the platform to unfollow all users on Instagram . It is that, in addition, maximum amounts to continue or stop following in one day. If you overdo it or insist a lot, Instagram could even suspend your account.

What solutions are there?

Under these circumstances, it is difficult to unfollow all users on Instagram. The only possible idea that comes to mind is to do it manually one by one. This could take a very long time! Not to mention that it is a most tedious procedure.

However, there are other solutions! Here we will show you other ways to unfollow all users on Instagram quickly and easily. Take the notes you need and pay close attention.

Through applications

The need to unfollow all users on Instagram is quite common. So many developers have come up with powerful tools to accomplish this task.

This is how you have the first option in the application store of your Smartphone. “Unfollow for Instagram” is an indispensable tool in this type of situation. The application is available on both Android and iOS .

Through the Web

Using Google Chrome can also be very advantageous to unfollow all users on Instagram. Growbot is an extension that links to your account and stops following user groups . Most importantly, there is no risk of your account being suspended.

unfollow masivo instagram

Growbot works at a fairly cautious pace. You can make the selection you want and he will take care of unfollowing these users little by little. The other option is followliker. This web platform allows you to carry out a massive unfollow in an extraordinarily effective way . In addition, it provides important information in case you cannot load your followed users on Instagram.

Now up to you! How will you stop following users on Instagram? These tools are amazing, right? It does not matter if the profile is personal or business, show that you can stand out among so many profiles.

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