Dozens of different error codes can sometimes be generated on the Nintendo Switch, which is really annoying for users. However, since you can learn how to fix some of these errors, we will explain how to fix the common error codes and messages on the Nintendo Switch.

How to troubleshoot common Nintendo Switch error codes and messages

“Nothing is inserted into the game card slot” error message

This error can occur when if you have inserted a game cartridge in your console, but it does not load, so to solve it you will need:

  1. Turn off your Nintendo Switch and then extract the video game cartridge from it
  2. Now, reinsert the cartridge into your console and turn on your Nintendo Switch and check if the error has been fixed

If this doesn’t work you can try updating the Nintendo Switch to the latest firmware version that is available at the time. Or you can check if the problem lies in the cartridge, so if possible, try it on another Nintendo Switch console to see if the same thing happens or try other video game cartridges on your console .

If these do load correctly, it may be that the cartridge that marked the error is damaged or dirty and that is why it does not load on your Nintendo Switch.

Error message “verify the information you entered”

This error message has several causes and therefore you have different ways to fix it on your Nintendo Switch:

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  • The address of your credit card does not match the country where you are opening your Nintendo Switch, so you must put one that is from the region where you are
  • You have placed incorrect information between the credit card information that you will use to buy in the Nintendo Switch eShop, so you must carefully check that the information provided is correct and then the error will disappear

Error code 2110-1100

This error code appears when the Nintendo Switch is unable to find the LAN adapter indicated in the settings or the Wi-Fi network to connect to.

To solve it, you just have to check that you have not changed the settings of the cable adapter, or the name or password of the wifi. Finally, you can search the settings of your Nintendo Switch console for any nearby Wi-Fi networks and connect again.

Error code 2005-0003

This error usually appears due to certain problems that are caused in the micro SD card that you are using in the console at that moment. The error is generated in situations such as that there was a download waiting on your Nintendo Switch or the console was using the SD card and during the process you have extracted the micro SD or have changed it for another.

So the error can be easily solved by restarting your console and not causing this type of situation again, but if the error persists even after this, you could consider that your micro SD is damaged.

More common error codes on Nintendo Switch

Error code 2810-1224

When having trouble logging into the Nintendo Switch console eShop, this error appears all the time. To solve you can restart your Nintendo Switch console, then you can also restart your router and modem and finally wait a few seconds and go to log in to the eShop and the error should no longer occur.

Error code 2618-0542

This error is generated on Nintendo Switch when you try to enter a group game where there are no more Bacchantes, that is, the game is already full.

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The solution to this error may not be very comfortable for you, but you only have two options: join a game other than that one or try to join the game later.

Error code 2813-6838 and 2110-3400

The error originates when the system cannot verify your card number within the eShop and the only solution is to check that you are entering the numbers correctly.

As for error 2110-3400, it is generated by authentication problems with the network; Fix it by updating the console and trying to connect to the network again.

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