One of the most used graphic effects in Photoshop is the change of the background of an image or photograph. But when we come to the hair with its different types, styles, colors, among other details, the trimming work is complicated since you cannot perfectly select the small hairs in the photo.

In many tutorials you will see how to trim hair, but different techniques must be applied a bit complex that will take a long time. In this article you will easily learn how to cut hair to an image perfectly using Photoshop , you will see that after following these steps your work will look professional.

Step by step to trim hair with Photoshop perfectly

  1. Before working on the image to which you want to apply the hair clipping effect, it is best to apply it on a white background.
  2. Once the image is selected, press “Ctrl + J” and a new layer will be created.
  3. We will use the fountain pen tool that is on the left of your screen.
  4. With that you will make a selection with a continuous line of what you want to protect, such as the face, the body or some object that is in the image.
  5. Then you will make a selection by pressing right click, in the window that pops up press «selection» and then «ok».
  6. Now you are going to invert the selections with “Ctrl + Shift + I” so that it affects the area outside the selection.
  7. Ready with these steps you have already achieved the effect of trimming the hair from a photograph.

edicion de imagen con photoshop para recortar cabello de una imagen

You have already learned to trim hair with Photoshop, with practice your work will be a professional. Many agree that the new Photoshop update and its new tools are a great help when giving your work a unique touch, something that will help you stand out as a designer, is to learn another good technique to work with hair. , we talk about changing the hairstyles of your images .

Changing the hairstyles to your images is very useful if you have a model with little hair, no hair, or you want to change the style and have fun with the photographs of your friends, learning to change the hairstyles will undoubtedly make you stand out from the other designers, here We explain step by step how to do it easily.

Change hairstyles in Photoshop easily

  1. On the right hand side in “Libraries”, choose the image you want to remove the hair and drag it to your canvas.
  2. Make sure you work in a non-destructive function, and that the images you use have similarity in terms of skin color, perspective, light and shadow.
  3. On the left, take the “Lasso” tool and make a selection around the hair. For finishes like removing the background, you can follow the steps you learned earlier.
  4. Then at the bottom right of your screen, click on “Add layer mask”.
  5. Then convert the layer to “Smart Object”, to adjust the hair to your model. If you need to modify it further, right click your mouse on the layer and select “warp” to continue making adjustments.
  6. On the right side of your screen, you can change the “Opacity” to help you further. When you are satisfied with the result , at the top of your screen, click on the “Verification” mark.
  7. If you need to change the skin or hair tones, select the layer that has the hair, at the bottom press the “Selective correction” icon.
  8. A new layer will appear and in the upper part of the layers click on the first icon, this to turn it into “Clipping Mask” and join it to the layer with the hair, now in the upper part, where the colors are, it will help you to modify skin and hair tone.

hombre con cambio de cabello en photoshop

You have already learned another technique to work hair, we know that an accurate finish can sometimes be difficult considering the difference in skin, hair, perspective, light and shadow, but do not get discouraged with practice you can master this technique. Continue on our page, we have many articles that will help you improve the use of Photoshop tools.

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