Within the world of computing, transpose indicates that a certain object will change its position to its opposite , which is done in order to improve the order and appearance of what is being modified.

This function also has a place in Microsoft Excel, and it is used specifically in the ranges that the tables occupy within the sheet.

However, there are many users of this program who do not know this ability, and who instead decide to sort their data matrices randomly or manually, which costs a little more and even takes more time.

There is the possibility that you feel identified with this problem, and you find yourself in a situation where you have to reorder your data tables. Therefore, to make the process easier for you, today you will learn a new Excel skill.

Learn how to transpose the rows and columns of an Excel table

More than once you have managed to find yourself trying to consult the data of a table in two or more sheets within the program, which can end up being a very annoying process that requires more time than you have.

That is why many times it is preferred to use a data search engine to find them easily, in order to be able to unify information and form a single table with all the necessary content.

transponer filas y columnas hoja de calculo excel

The idea of transposing the layout of the data within the cells is a function that is enabled within the program’s pasting options , so it will be easier to unify it on a single sheet.

There are several ways to apply this function, which we will talk about in this article, as they adjust to the facilities and capabilities of each Windows user.

Use the transpose function with the keyboard and mouse

When it refers to using the keyboard or mouse to carry out this work, it means that the pair of shortcuts that tell the computer that it must ” Copy and paste ” the information will be used.

Yes, we are clearly talking about right click and left click, or ” Control + C ” and ” Control + V “. Since we are working with a data matrix that is outside our worksheet, it will be necessary to select the width of the range , copy it through one of these shortcuts and paste them into the current sheet .

When using the mouse, the option “Transpose” will appear among the paste options, which shows a small icon that changes the direction of two grids.

The other option is summarized to do it through the keyboard shortcuts, where after pasting them on the sheet, the user must press ” Shift + 10 to open the context menu and select this option.

Insert the transpose function through your formula

If you decide to modify the order and arrangement of the tables belonging to your statistics, jobs or job databases, this order will help you save a significant amount of time .

Unlike the previous modality, this formula works like a matrix, so instead of importing the range from another document, the amount of information must be present within the sheet for it to work on more than one cell.

excel celdas calculos

To be able to use this formula, it must be written in a cell “ = TRANSPOSE (Matrix) ”, specifying the width of the data range to be reoriented.

It should be noted that being an array formula, you need to press the key combination ” Control + Shift + Enter ” to make it work.

Similarly, it is important to make known that any modification made within the original table will be automatically displayed within the one that is redirected with this function.

So finally when you are working with a data matrix of one or two variables, and you want to change its orientation, you know that through this function you can easily achieve it by just pressing a key or button.

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