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When you think of technological advancement, you think of creating more and more user comforts. Machines that help improve even the simplest aspects of human life and at your fingertips. Many of these improvements can be found in phone applications. Learn here how to translate texts from English to Spanish with my Android camera.

These translations are very useful when traveling abroad since they are fast and effective. You will no longer have to carry a special dictionary because with a single touch you will be able to understand another language. The best thing is that you only have to use your camera and nothing else.

Another translation application that you can have on your phone and that will help you communicate better is the one that allows you to translate WhatsApp conversations in any language

Applications you must have to translate texts from English to Spanish with my Android camera

All these applications that will be mentioned below, work under the same basic principle. By using your mobile camera and taking a photo of the text you want to translate, it is processed in real time, incorporating the translated text.

This is done as if it were augmented reality and happens on top of the original text. Also, many of these apps to translate texts from English to Spanish with my Android camera are free.

Google Translate and Google Lens

Starting with Google Lens which is a recognition application to everything you point to with your camera. Google Lens can be installed and downloaded on any Android phone.

You can find places and photos, or words, using the search engine function of Google Translate.

aplicaciones mundo avion

With this one, you won’t even have to take a photo, just point the camera at the place and the translated words will be changed to the original ones. The funny thing about this is that you can see how it happens, and observe in real time how the original space changes for the translated one as if it were real.

You can also upload photos from your phone that have some text, write it on the screen or translate your voice. This application to translate texts from English to Spanish with my Android camera has other languages at your disposal . It can analyze 38 languages with the camera, 59 offline and 103 if you write the text.

Google is a great technology and today offers users a large number of products and tools to improve and facilitate their day to day.

Microsoft Translator

The competition of Google also has its alternative with which you can also use your camera to know what a text says. Although, this translation does not happen in real time , since, you must take the photo first and let it be processed. It is also a bit slower than the previous one.

Among other functions, you can find the possibility of translating text messages including full conversations and audios. For its translations it includes more than 60 available languages.

Camera Translator

It is a special application to translate texts from English to Spanish with my Android camera, since it was created only for its users. An internet connection is required, but since it has a single function, it has better text recognition.

It works much better with handwritten and complex languages like Chinese or Japanese. It even displays similar words on the screen once the photo is taken.

app google translate

Naver papago

You may not have heard of this app to translate texts from English to Spanish with my Android camera, but it is one of the most famous. It is quite accurate, although it does not have many languages available for translation, it only has 15 alternatives. You can translate texts from the web, conversations, audios and of course images taken with the camera.


Although it belongs to the Mac, it is available for Android devices. It has support for 100 languages with which you can translate texts, start a conversation in another language and search for meanings and even other verb tenses. The translation function with the camera is available, although on a paid basis.

In addition to having tools that make the translation for you at the moment, it will also be very useful to have programs on your PC or to know pages to make translations of your Word, Excel, PowerPoint documents.

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