Since the use of personal computers began so widespread in the world. There has always been this big problem, when we want to transfer a music, video or image file and we do not have a USB cable at hand.

How to Transfer Your Photos and Videos from Cell Phone to Computer Without Cables in Windows 10

But with the passing of time that inconvenience has been solved and below we will teach you how to transfer your photos and videos from the cell phone to the computer without cables in Windows 10.

But how can we stop using a cable to connect our mobile equipment to the PC. How can I ignore all these years where I have been doing the same thing to pass photos or videos . There are currently great tools that in a simple way, can help us pass our files without the use of a cable.

Every day, the almost exponential growth of all the tools that come to light is more noticeable, such as Bluetooth to solve the problems that we face daily.

Thousands of people are concerned like us who try to offer responsible help, that is why in this article you will learn how to transfer your photos and videos from your cell phone to your computer without cables in Windows 10.

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How to transfer your photos and videos from cell phone to computer without cables

So that every Windows 10 user can transfer their photos and videos from the cell phone to the computer without cables, we are going to make use of a small application that you must download to your smartphone. This program is called AirDroid that you can download from the Play Store, then in fact we go to the next step.

The next step will be to install it on your mobile phone and hope that it is ready to use it. At the end of this we must press the Open button. It will present us with a screen with several options, these are Login, Register and Skip. In our case we must press the Skip option.

I do this operation on our mobile phone, now we are going to go to our PC that works with the Windows 10 operating system.

In it we are going to open our browser, in our particular case Google Chrome. We open it and in the address bar we must write and then press the Enter key.

Next, a small box with the logo of the application that we have just installed on our mobile device will appear on our computer screen. A QR code appears in this box , what we are going to do next is to take our mobile phone and we are going to press the option to scan QR code.

After doing this, we are going to bring the smartphone closer to the computer screen, so that the mobile can capture the code and proceed to scan it.

The mobile will notify you of having performed the scan and both computers are now connected through the application that you downloaded just minutes ago on your phone and now you can pass your photos and videos .

Using the application to pass your photos and videos

If now, you go to the desktop of your PC you can realize that thanks to the AirDroid program and that I made the connection. Some icons appear on your screen and from them we can access our mobile device.

In this way we can transfer music or videos to the personal computer without any inconvenience. For example, if we want to transfer photos to the computer from my mobile, I no longer have to access my phone.

I simply go to the icons, in this case the photo icons, and then all the files with photos that I have on my mobile computer will appear on my desktop. I only have to select the photos that I want to pass and then I make a clip in Download.

After this is done, the photo will be automatically saved on your computer in the download folder. If instead of passing a photo you want to pass several photos , you do the same procedure, but this time they will be downloaded in a compressed file. And so that you can see the photos you will only have to unzip the file.

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We must carry out this same procedure if we want to transfer videos from our smartphone to our computer and all this wirelessly. And as you can see, you have already learned to use this tremendous application to be able to transfer your photos and videos from the cell phone to the computer without cable

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