Video game consoles are part of our daily life; Xbox One is Microsoft’s third console made on May 21, 2013, displacing the Xbox 360. But don’t worry, because you can transfer game saves from an Xbox 360 profile to Xbox One.

The most recent console is the Xbox Series X | S, on sale from November 10, 2020. This console is retro-compatible with Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Xbox; But while you figure out where to buy the Xbox Series X or S ?, you can keep getting the most out of your Xbox One.

What are the differences between Xbox 360 to Xbox One?

As it may seem logical, the Xbox One console, being more recent and modern than the Xbox 360, has better hardware and processing than its predecessor. We will mention below, the characteristics that differentiate them.

  • The Xbox 360 has a DVD / CD drive; while Xbox One has Blu-Ray / DVD.
  • The Xbox 360’s RAM is 512MB GDDR3; that of the Xbox One is 8 GB DDR3.
  • A 3.2 GHz 3-core processor, versus a 1.6 GHz 8-core AMD.
  • The video resolution of an Xbox 360 can go up to 1080p and on Xbox One 4K.
  • The storage of the Xbox 360 is 250 GB and that of the Xbox One doubles it to 500 GB.
  • The USB ports on the Xbox 360 are 2.0, and those on the Xbox One are version 3.0.

There are things in common. For example, both consoles have HDMI connections ; This will allow you to connect a video game console to a PC HDMI monitor that you are not using and bring your gaming sessions to life.

Why is it useful to save game matches on Xbox 360 or Xbox One?

The first games saved in console video games began with the Nintendo and The Legend of Zelda game; using a battery inside the cartridge and RAM. Although before that, they could be saved in computer games using the hard disk.

juegos de xbox 360 mostrados en fila

As in those days, today it is the same. A computer file where all the data related to the progress of a player are stored , within a video game; like the location map, scores, characteristics and equipment of the character, etc.

The Xbox 360 and One, work with this concept to save the progress of the player, on the hard drive or in the cloud. Its usefulness is to keep that information, to be used at another time . Without this, we would have to always play from the first level, over and over again.

How to transfer game saves from an Xbox 360 profile to Xbox One?

Transferring game saves is easy . We must activate the Xbox Live Gold profile on Xbox 360 previously, both computers turned on and connect your Xbox One to the Internet via WiFi or cable, also the Xbox 360. Without these requirements we cannot continue with the process.

xbox 360 de configuracion del sistema

Now using the Xbox 360 controller we go to the option of “Settings> System> Storage> Games and applications> Game name> Saved Games”. When selecting a saved game slot, we will see a window with the options to copy, move or delete.

We select “Copy” and immediately another will be shown to choose the destination device; then we press button A in “Games saved in the cloud” . And voila, the process is automatic and it will only take a few minutes to synchronize the saved game on the Xbox One.

If we do not see the game loaded on the Xbox One, it is recommended to restart the console to force it to update its information. This process must be done for each game and saved game located within it; if you have many games you will have to have a little patience.

Now with what we have explained to you, you can relive the good times you had on your Xbox 360 using the Xbox One; with improved graphics and without losing your old games. Surely this information will also serve your fellow players, so we recommend sharing it.

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