Instagram as a social network and mobile application, allows its users to share photos and videos, use different filters to take photos and upload stories. If you want to know how to tag someone in an Instagram story, then we will show you step by step how to do it.

How to TAG SOMEONE in an Instagram Story – Instagram Stories

Before starting, it is important that you know that if you tag someone who follows you , they will receive a message notifying them that you have tagged them in your story and they can immediately see and interact with you if they wish.

However, if the one you tagged isn’t following you yet, they won’t be able to see your story until they accept the request that will come as a message.

We hope that the following steps will be easy for you to follow and that you will make Instagram a more fun and social experience. We explain here what you must do to tag someone in a story.

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Tag someone on Instagram step by step

Step 1: Open Instagram:

On the main screen of your mobile or in your list of applications select the Instagram icon represented by a multicolored camera.

Then in the options bar, located at the bottom of your account, select the wall icon represented by a “little house”.

Step 2: Create a story

Click on the “+” option in the upper left, below the Instagram logo. Select ” take photo ” if you want to photograph or record a video for the story or if you want to use a photo or video saved in your gallery, you can also choose it.

In case you want to take a photo at that precise moment, capture the image by pressing the shutter, if it is a video you must keep the button pressed until you have recorded the desired moment.

Step 3: Tag someone

Once you have achieved the desired photo or video, press the stickers button on the top bar, located in the right corner of it. Then select the icon “@mention”.

To tag a person you must start by placing the “@” symbol from your keyboard followed by the username of the person or account you are going to mention.

Step 4: Select the correct account or user

Next, Instagram will show you a list of search results for the user you have written, make sure you write correctly, as there are many accounts with similar names.

Having done this, it only remains to press outside the keyboard so that it disappears and you can tap on ” Add content to your story ” and that’s it.

This way you will be tagging someone in an Instagram story . You can read on and learn a little more about Instagram stories and tagging.

Facts about tagging someone in an Instagram story

You can tag more than one person by following the steps above. Remember that you must always place the “@” symbol before writing the username of the person or Instagram account you want to mention.

The people you tag in your stories cannot, under any circumstances, undo or delete this action. They will be tagged or mentioned in your story during the 24 hours that the publication lasts. Keep this detail in mind.

The photo will not appear in the profile or tagged photo gallery of the person you mentioned. No one will be able to see your story from your friend’s profile.

Anyone who views your story can select your username or that of the person you tagged and visit their Instagram profile .

The mention or tag you make becomes a link that, when you tap it, immediately takes you to the tagging account.

If the user account of the tagged person is private, those who do not follow them will not be able to access their photos. You can also see the Instagram stories of a user without them noticing, this is very useful when snooping around an Instagram account.

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