How to tag friends in a video on Facebook easily

It seems that the options and functions that Facebook allows us to use are endless, many of them are very easy to use and others we simply do not know.

This is the case that we are going to talk about in this article. And it is an option that some users of this social network thought was impossible to do and it is about how to tag friends in a video on Facebook easily.

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How to tag friends in a video on Facebook easily

When we tag a friend in a photo or video, we simply add their name to that photo or video . In this way, said person is mentioned so that it is known that there is a publication that has to do with the person in question. Also in this way it is possible to encourage the tagged person to spread said publication on their wall.

Everything seems somewhat complicated but in reality it is not, this social network offers us great functions that we can exploit to the fullest and tagging friends is one of them. But in the same way you can know in which photos your friends have tagged you and in this way wait for the reactions of your contacts.

How to tag friends in a video on Facebook easily

When you tag a friend on a photo or video in a Facebook post , that person receives a notification. Where it is indicated that it has been tagged in a photo or video.

The same will happen when you receive comments about the post in which it has been tagged; it is a widely used and therefore popular function in the application.

If you have already tagged a friend or tagged an entire album before, you can verify that the steps you are going to follow are very similar and in essence it will be very easy for you to do the same but now in a video.

They are very simple and short steps and it will not take you more than 1 minute to do them correctly; so let’s get started with you tagging all your friends.

Steps to tag friends in a video on Facebook easily

To start with our tutorial we do not go to the Facebook page to start our session, to do this of course we must enter the username and password.

Once we have carried out this operation we will be on the home page of our profile. The next step is to go to the top of the page so that we can choose the Publishing tools option.

The next step we are going to take is to locate ourselves on the left side of the window and in the different options that are displayed, we must choose Video Library .

To choose it, we are going to click on the option, it will take you where the videos are. Select the video in which you want to tag a friend and now you must hover over it.

The next step is to click on the Describe your video option; and then you must write the name of the person to be tagged and you must select it from the list that will be shown.

To finish you just have to go to the end and click on the blue button that says Save . In this way the tagging of your friend will have been done correctly.

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How to tag friends in a video on Facebook easily

Moreover, we believe that tagging a friend in a video is easier than doing it in a photo, and we say it by the number of steps to take.

Now your friend will receive a notification telling him that you have tagged him in a video. So the video will appear on your profile; Perhaps this is one of the many virtues of this social network that many people love.

And so we end this excellent article, which taught you in an academic way what you should do to easily tag friends in a video on Facebook. And best of all, you learned to do it in the time it took you to read this tutorial.

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