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Whether you are a regular user or a company with a Facebook page, the most common is that you spend a certain amount of time using this application. The great of social networks, it was created with the aim of uniting people through photos and publications of interest , among others. This is why its tagging function is one of the most useful and important.

If you want to make your life easier, read on and learn how to tag an entire album on Facebook. To be able to tag your album faster, it will be useful to organize the photos in your album.

This tool initially only allowed people to be tagged individually, which was tedious and time-consuming. But today, you can even tag an entire album on Facebook and speed up with other bonus features.

The great thing about tags is that they allow the mentioned users to add this content to their profiles. And you can get to communicate with people of whom you had time without knowing.

Facebook tag, know this function a little more

Tagging on Facebook is a function mostly related to photos or videos and other multimedia content . It is a way, of identification between users in the comments or states. Anyone can tag followers or outsiders in their posts, as long as the person in question has authorized this feature.

With a Facebook tag, your photos will get an incredible reach , since there is an option called “Photos about you”, which will contain all those photos where you have been tagged. The page will notify you if you have been and from where you were tagged. You can even have control of who sees your tagged photos or get rid of them.

With Facebook tags you can identify all your friends who shared the moment captured in the photo, and in this way they can identify the photos in which they appear and can download or download the entire album.

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Disadvantages of tagging on Facebook

You must take into account the privacy of your labels, since, it can give way to the fearsome spam . What is it, the excess of information or useless content. This means that you can be mentioned in publications that are not of your interest such as contests or advertisements. And then, these will be attached to your profile.

Another disadvantage is being tagged in photos that you do not want to be made public . This is because, in general, your Facebook page is understood not only by friends, but by fellow bosses and family. That you don’t want them to see certain things in your private life. If you have an open configuration on the use of labels, you are at risk of being mentioned where you do not want.

To protect you and your friends and family, it is advisable to hide and private your photos, in this way only the people you have enabled will have access to your photos.

Quickly mention everyone, learn how to tag an entire album on Facebook

First, to create an album on Facebook, you must go to your profile and select “Photos” and then “Create album”. Select “Photos or video” and choose the items you want from your computer or device. You can give the album a name and even a description , press “Publish” and that’s it. You can also choose to make it public or private. Once you have it, proceed to tag an entire album on Facebook:

  • Inside the album itself, there is a label button, click on it. Then, go by placing the name of the person or page you want to include.

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  • Keep in mind to put the correct name, since, with so many suggestions, you can end up labeling someone by mistake . Once the person is selected, select each photo that that person is in and to tag it.
  • And repeat the procedure with each person. Select ” Save Tagging ” to finish the process of tagging an entire album on Facebook.

If you want, you can simply mention the person in the album and not individually by photo . Also, when uploading these large amounts of photos, Facebook will suggest tags based on the data it has from your profile. You can cancel them or apply them automatically.

Just as you can share photo albums, Facebook also gives you the option to delete them.

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