If you are already one of the millions of users who spend hours on the gaming website known as Twitch. It’s about time you create your channel and become a streamer and you can monetize and thus earn money.

But maybe you are what you think is a difficult undertaking to carry out. And that is why we have brought you this article that will teach you how to start making or broadcasting a live on Twitch with OBS or PS4 – Streaming or broadcasting on Twitch.

How to Make or Broadcast a Live on Twitch with OBS or PS4 – Stream or Broadcast on Twitch

But to be able to take the first step to do so, it will be necessary that you must create an account on Twitch and do all the process that derives from the registration. And once you have completed the process , you will have your channel and only need to create content. But it’s important that you first read the Twitch community guidelines and learn about rule violations.

Now we are going to determine from which devices we want to use to broadcast the live streams on Twitch after having created them. Since it is good that you know that from a PC, regardless of the operating system, it is more difficult to transmit than from a PS4. Since it is not necessary to include a software, as in the case of the PC, it is necessary to use the free OBS transmission software .

How to start making or broadcasting a live on Twitch with OBS

To start with this tutorial we will tell you how to broadcast live from your personal computer using OBS . And the first step that we are going to take has to do with downloading the application to your computer. And to do this, go to the main page of Twitch and start your session, now go to the username and click.

Now you must click on the Creator Control Panel and from that link the OBS configuration screen will be displayed. Now you must click on the three-dot icon and a menu with several options will be displayed. And among them you must find and choose Transmission Tool. This action will show you a page where you will find several applications.

emitir directo twitch

In our case we are going to Search for OBS And we click on the Download option and select the version that is necessary for your PC, either for Windows, Linux or Mac. Once the download is complete it is important that you make some configurations. This will allow your transmissions to be optimal.

And you have to focus on three key points, which are the audio bit rate, the video bit rate, and the encoder. In the Output option in OBS and here you will set the video bit rate to 2500 OR 3500. If you want to transmit in high resolutions, now the audio bit rate must be at 128.

Now so that you can transmit you must find and enter the transmission key, to do this enter Twitch and being on the board click on the upper right corner to select Channel from the menu. Now you will be taken to a page where your password will be displayed, which you must copy. Once this process is finished you can configure your microphone and the audio and volume options.

Now you can open the game you want to stream and in the Sources menu click on the Plus sign + this will show a list of items. Now to capture the game click on the Screenshot option. But if you just want to capture the game use the Game Capture option. And now you just have to click Start Streaming.

How to start making or broadcasting a live on Twitch from PS4

With this console it is easier to transmit as we already discussed and for this we must first open the game to transmit. When the game starts, press the Share button and this action will open the transmission configuration panel .

transmitir directo twitch ps4

Now choose the transmission service to receive a key and enter Twitch.tv/actívate and there you will enter the key. And you will be ready to transmit, if you wish you can configure the camera or microphone and then press the option Start transmitting.

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