Welcome! If you are an Xbox One user and unfortunately you have problems with the home screen, then do not worry because here we bring you the solution. Specifically, we will show you what you should do to fix the black screen error on Xbox One quickly and easily.

What is the black screen error on Xbox One?

In case you do not know what this error is about, we will tell you that when it happens, the home screen of the console does not load correctly. That is why you will not be able to scroll through the menus and it will not be possible to use applications or play any video games.

Methods to fix the black screen error on Xbox One

Next, in this new section we will show you many alternatives that you should try to solve the black screen error on Xbox One . We recommend that you try one by one to see which one works best for you.

Press the Y and RT buttons on your Xbox One controller simultaneously

One of the first solutions that you should try if you want to fix the black screen problem on Xbox One is to press the right trigger RT and the Y button at the same time just after turning on the console. Although it seems simple, this alternative has been useful for several users who had this same problem.

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In fact, one of the first Reddit users to talk about this method was ‘Stefvr’ who had the black screen problem on his console , decided to give it a try and thankfully he was successful. Later, several users responded to his post on Reddit stating that they had tried it and that it also worked for them.

Open another tab from the menu

Another good solution you can try is to press the center button of the Xbox One controller to open the guide. There you have to select the option that says ‘Start’ and just after you have to exit the main menu by opening another tab. This alternative was also cataloged as successful by several users in the Xbox community.

Head to the Xbox Store

Although it may not seem credible, a large number of Reddit users claimed that the black screen error on Xbox One can be fixed by visiting the official store, which doesn’t make much sense, but the important thing is that it works.

To access the Xbox Store, you simply have to open the guide by pressing the central button of the controller and then touch the ‘A’ button on the main banner. Later you will have to return to the start menu to verify that it has worked.

Try resetting the console

In this case we will show you a more drastic, but effective solution that can work in case you have tried the previous alternatives and none have worked.

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So, to reset your console you have to press and hold the power button on the Xbox One console for a few seconds until it is completely turned off. Then you should see that the start menu is working correctly, but we recommend that you turn the console off and on again to make sure the black screen error has been corrected.

Disconnect the console from the network

Finally, we recommend that you only use the console without connecting to the internet. Apparently, the black screen error on Xbox One can be caused by problems regarding the connection of the servers of the Microsoft platform as such. That is why being offline the error should be fixed.

So, to use the console in offline mode you have to go to the network and Wi-Fi settings and disconnect from the network. Unfortunately in this mode you will not be able to access the online functions offered by the Xbox One, but this is the price to pay to fix the black screen error on your Xbox One .

After activating the offline mode, it is recommended that you restart your console completely and then you can reconnect to the internet to see if the error has been solved.

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