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The Internet has been a complete revolution in our world and in the way we do things. Much has changed since his arrival in our lives, as the way we do things on a daily basis has changed.

Based on this, the way in which we store and send our proprietary content has also changed significantly, whether through social networks, through email providers, among other very useful platforms.

Given the large amount of information that we usually store, the way in which we usually do it has changed and has been modified to the point of always looking for the best provider that suits our needs.

This is how the famous and well-known cloud storage appeared in our lives, a proposal made by the Microsoft company with OneDrive.

Hundreds of people who have an account on this platform endorse its use and knowing how to log into Microsoft OneDrive is a fundamental task in these times. Such is the importance of this storage system, which is known as one of the best services to save our photos, videos, files, etc.

Within this post, we want to explain the correct way to log into Microsoft OneDrive.

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Access OneDrive from your computer or PC

If you are inside your computer, and you are looking to access OneDrive from it, you do not have to fall into despair, it is a very easy task which takes simple steps. Here we will explain how:

  1. To begin, you must enter the OneDrive web page, through the following URL which you must enter in your browser bar.
  2. When you are inside the page, you must locate the option that will allow you to log in from your username. For this task, you must look in the upper right section for a button that has the name: ” Login “.
  3. Once you press it automatically, the page will redirect you to a new tab in which you can see the connection page to Microsoft Live . There you must start, placing your phone, Skype or failing that, your email account, it must be previously linked to your Microsoft account.
  4. Once these data have been entered, you must press the ” Next ” button.
  5. There you will see that the page will ask you to enter the access password in order to enter your page. Once you have entered the password, you just have to click on “Login” .
  6. If this is your first time entering the Onedrive system, the system will give you a small tutorial, in which you will be explained step by step, how you will use the Microsoft OneDrive system.

And voila, you will have already accessed your account and you can do all the tasks to do in the usual way in it.

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Log in from the Android or iOS app

  1. First of all, install the application on your mobile device. This can be done from the Google Play Store or if you have an iOS device within the App Store. Once inside the store, you must enter the name ” OneDrive ” in the search engine. Download the application and wait for it to be ready.
  2. Once the program has been downloaded, proceed to the program, proceed to locate yourself on the ” Login ” text by pressing said button, the login process will begin.
  3. Here you will see that you will be redirected to a screen in which you must enter an email address or, failing that, a phone number which must be previously linked to the Microsoft account. Fill in each and every one of the information requested for the login and then press the button that indicates an arrow with which to continue.
  4. Here you will be asked to enter your access code. Enter it and then press the “Login” button

And everything will be ready, you will have entered your email account. It was easy right?

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