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The social network Facebook has become a window, through which we can have direct access to our friends , family and acquaintances. And it is that it has become everyone’s favorite, because a large amount of content can be shared through it. But we imagine that you did not know that you can also share and send songs or complete music on Facebook.

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If as you hear it, we are not talking about photos, videos, or audio messages , we are talking about complete songs, the one that is currently playing and you want to share with your friends. Although it may seem like an operation a bit difficult to do, we tell you that it is the opposite and we will offer you different ways to do it.

We should not be surprised that this social network includes on its platform the power to share music or complete songs . Since for some time now, it has been implementing new ways to interact with your friends. And one of them may seem very interesting and consists of sharing a video and promoting it for free.

How to share and send songs or complete music on Facebook

The platform has added a new function called Facebook News Update and through it, you can upload to the news update of your friends. Any type of attachments, but how would we do this, it is very easy, you just have to copy the URL of the song you want to share and paste it, this is it.

It’s that easy and that fast, you should know that the news update is not your current profile, it is a screen that you can see after logging into Facebook. It is so comfortable to use that if you want you can make music video publications, you can search for them in places like DailyMotion or YouTube.

But you will not always be able to find the song you want to share with your friends on these sites, as it is not available as an audio file. But in the same way you can share that song that you want with them. And since we are going to do it, very simple we will only have to write a status update on that song.

What we must do is go to the Facebook news update and we will create a status. In that state we will include the name of the song. A very simple example is to write “you have heard the new Madonna song called… ..” And that’s it. Now your friends will know that you like this song and can search for them on their own.

Different methods to share and send songs or complete music on Facebook

Facebook has also incorporated a new Like function so you can share songs or music, just as you do to share images with all your friends. To use this function, you just have to write the name of the song or the artist who sings the song in the search box and you enter the page and click I like it.

By doing this, your friends will immediately receive a news update notification, indicating that you like an artist. This option can also be implemented in any song that is published on Facebook. You just have to click on the Like option below the published song.

Another way to do it but you must know it, since it is one of the most traditional ways of doing it is through a message. If you go to the mailbox, you can easily attach a video or audio file. You should find the URL of the artist or song you want to share.

canciones completas facebook

You may not find the exact address, in that case send your friend the message with the name of the artist and the song. In this way you will reach the message and search for that song. Another highly recommended way to do this is through the Facebook Wall.

Here you just have to put the URL in the message and send it to a friend in particular, you realize the different ways that exist to share and send songs or complete music on Facebook.

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