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Youtube is the best page to watch online videos that exists, it offers content to be consumed, and also many internal functions to edit, comment and do all kinds of things that will allow you to live a more personalized experience (you can even change the playback speed from a video on Youtube). With that in mind, today you will learn how to set an upload speed limit on YouTube.

And it is that, placing certain limits for this page and any other is always good. Since, it gives you a kind of control over how the use of your internet data is managed. Allowing sites like YouTube that are quite heavy, to be kept to the limit and not put the network slow for other users.

Set an upload speed limit on YouTube

The first thing you have to keep in mind when you are going to establish an upload speed limit on YouTube is that you must use third-party programs, since the page does not have this option inside.

But do not worry, because the installation and use of these programs is very simple and completely legal. So you shouldn’t have a problem doing the following steps.

Number one you have to download one of these programs mentioned above, and the first of them is Netlimiter . To obtain it, you just have to go to the page that has the same name and start the download, once you have it, install it like any other program.

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When you have done it, proceed to open it, you will notice that a list with the browsers appears, locate yours and enable the limit check box (it is in the output column on the right), then place a limit in kilobytes.

This program also allows you to limit the speed when any type of upload is being made to YouTube, you just have to click the + symbol that is to the left of your browser in the list.

This action will open a section where you can see the connections that are being made, limit YouTube and that’s it.

Other programs like Netbalance and cFosSpeed

With the above program you should already be able to set a YouTube upload speed limit, but to give you more variety when doing so, you will now see two more programs.

The first one is called Netbalance and you can get it at seriousbit.com/netbalancer, you just have to download and install it like the previous one. When you have done it, you must proceed to find your browser in the list and then right-click on it.

This will open a menu where you can configure a precise upload limit, and where there will also be the option called ” Low ” so that the application limits all programs that are of minimum priority.


Last but not least, this cFosSpeed, which has the same function as its previous companions and can be found on its respective website (it is called cFosSpeed).

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To make it work you have to open the program after it is installed and go to the ” Settings ” tab found in the options menu. Once there, select the ” Programs ” section and look for your browser.

When you find it, you must use the slider that appears, which will allow you to configure the priority you want to give to said connection, set it to low and then click on “Save priorities”.

In case your browser does not appear, click on the ” Add ” button found in the same previous section, and there, look for it among the websites known to the program.

And voila, with that you read, you already know enough to be able to set an upload speed limit on YouTube. Now you just have to download any of these great programs and start the setup.

Remember to follow the instructions to the letter so you don’t end up limiting something you didn’t want. And also look for more information about the YouTube functions, since very few know things like that you can watch YouTube videos in slow motion, or that you can make YouTube load the videos faster in Firefox, Edge and Safari.

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