If you are a Carrefour employee, you will be interested to know how you can see Carrefour’s payroll in the employee portal . Although at the moment that we are editing this article, the official page is under construction. However, we will copy you the steps that you must take into account when they enable the web. First, we will present a brief review.

How to see my Carrefour Payroll in the Employee Portal – Carrefour Live


It is a multinational distribution chain. It is made up of several branches around the world, covering several continents. This company is of French origin. And little by little it has spread across Europe.

Your activity

Its activity has focused on the creation of Hypermarket models with large distribution and a variety of products. Something very innovative from the beginning.

Giving its customers the opportunity to access, apart from food, many areas such as: DIY, household products, clothing, electrical appliances, electronics … etc. With the ease of buying them almost at any time. Thanks to its success, it has become the 2nd largest product distributor , after Walmart.

es una de las sedes de carrefour

Not being enough, they have even launched their own range of products. Its great expansion has allowed it to create an empire of more than 11 million stores distributed worldwide. Being part of the Carrefour family, we will show you how you can see the Carrefour payroll in the employee portal.

Employee Portal

It should be noted that, according to an announcement that was published on the portal, it indicates that the payroll will no longer be delivered on paper or sent by email, since September 2015. Therefore, the employee portal was designed so that you can access she. We show you what you should do:

  • First go to the employee website of the official site. (As we mentioned, the page is currently under construction ). However, for more information you can visit his official account on instagram.
  • We enter the data that you request. Taking into account that in the user field you will put your ID , first writing the letter and eliminating the 1st number. Example: If your DNI is 22,111,444 H, then you will put: H2111444.
  • Then enter the password. If you don’t have one, click on “Forgot your password?” . This option is for you to send us a PDF with the password included to your email.
  • The first thing you should do is open the PDF, you will notice that it is protected. To unlock it, it will ask you for a password, which is your ID. Copying the data from the previous example, you will write it like this: 22111444H.
  • The document opens with the password to access the portal.

cajera de una de las tiendas de carrefour

  • Being on the main page, we fill in the username and password fields. Example: User: H2111444 – Password: The one contained in the PDF. Observation: Write or type the password, because if you copy and cut it is not valid.
  • It will reflect a screen for you to change the key. Take the opportunity to write one that you can easily remember.
  • It will throw you 5 security questions to choose from. Complete them.

What you must do inside the portal

Within the portal you will have access to all available services such as: Campaigns for employees, activities, information, etc. Now we will explain to you to enter the payroll that have been archived since 2002.

  • Click on the “Payroll” icon
  • A pop-up window with “security key” will appear.
  • Select “Generate a new security key . We will have a PDF document shortly.
  • It will ask us for a password. Remember to enter your ID again.
  • The password contained in the PDF is 4 digits long. When you enter it, you will see your payroll!

We hope these steps have been of great help to you. As you can see when trying to access the portal, the explanation is a bit long, because we take into account the details, such as forgetting the password. Therefore, we recommend that you try to avoid having your internet connection disconnected, so that you avoid future inconveniences. We would like your opinion.

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