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Losing contact with a friend, relative or loved one is something that has happened to all of us, this absence is framed quite a bit when we do not hear from this person again and it makes us want to know what has happened in their life during the distance.

The Internet is one of the platforms that has helped many people to meet again with those loved ones who have remained in the past. And is that its search engine is a tool that is quite useful in this regard.

How to Find a Person by Name and Surname on the Internet?

Today there are various search strategies that can be applied to a particular user or person, since with the rise of social networks and internet platforms. It is normal for people to be interested in having a profile on some of the most famous interaction sites.

Due to the importance that this represents for humanity, we have prepared this article, where we will explain how you can search for a person on the internet , only with their first and last name.

Search for a person by first and last name

The Internet makes available to users a wide range of services that may be applicable in various aspects of human life. Even in those that are not so common. How to track a specific individual .

The name and surname of a person is undoubtedly their most important personal information, since it allows them to be identified quickly and easily. Of course, this would not be a crucial tool when conducting a search, since it is estimated that there are more than seven people in the world with the same name. Including their last names.

Due to this situation you can make use of certain resources available on the internet , which will help you obtain much more accurate results.

How to search for a person using their first and last name on the Internet?

As mentioned above, there are some methods that will allow you to perform a search, only with the first and last name. Next we will mention the most efficient means.

Social networks

Redes sociales

First of all, you must carry out a thorough search on social networks, and it is currently very common to create some type of profile on at least two interaction platforms.

Make use of the most common social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Linkedin or Instagram . Since each of these platforms have a search engine associated with users near your location.

Start by accessing the search panel symbolized with a “Magnifying glass” , write there the name and surname of the people you are looking for, try removing the middle name and surname. Then search for his middle name and his second surname (you can combine them) and finally add a nickname that you know.

You may be out of luck on platforms like Instagram, as it requires the person to create a username including numbers and symbols.

Internet browser

There are some applications that have been arranged exclusively to search for a specific person, the most useful and practical are:

  • The white pages

This is a resource that can be used in some countries, basically you add the name and surname of the person you are looking for and you must add data such as the town where you think it is located and even the number of its document and identification.

  • Pipl

If it is a smart people finder, this tool is the best perfect option. Since it has more than 3,200 million people worldwide registered on its platform and it also has the option of carrying out a search through the name, surname, mobile phone number and email of the person.


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There are also other search programs that carry out similar but specific activities. They may not encompass a worldwide user registry such as Pipl, including Yasni, WebMii, Stalkface, and Tinfoleak. Although these last two Tools make use of Facebook and Twitter consecutively to carry out the search.

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