Many already know that the quintessential site to watch entertaining videos and educational content is YouTube. But if we are talking about a page that is responsible for making live broadcasts and especially video games, then the preference and change to Twitch.

So in the following article we are going to show you how easy it is to save videos, clips, recordings and live broadcasts on Twitch – Mobile, PC and PS4

How to Save Videos, Clips, Recordings and Live Streams to Twitch – Mobile, PC and PS4

As is well known, there are millions of users who belong to this community and who create their so-called streaming daily to share them with their audience. And although you can find other pages that offer a similar service, the place of honor will always be Twitch. So don’t waste any more time and as soon as you finish reading this article, create your account.

Next we are going to show you something that perhaps many do not know about this page and the possibility of saving videos, clips, recordings and live broadcasts on Twitch . And although you have already created an account on Twitch, you have your channel and you have created content, there are many aspects that you still do not know and here we will indicate the steps to follow.

How to Save Videos, Clips, Recordings, and Live Streams to Twitch – Mobile, PC and PS4

Presumably when you enter this page you will find a large amount of video, which will be impossible for you to see all of them. And they want to record them so they can see them later when they are offline. Or maybe you want to use these videos to do some kind of editing , but by saving them to your channel they will not stay forever.

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After a video has been broadcast, it can be archived for a period of time and this will depend on the level of the subscriber. For example, if you are a free user, you can archive the video for a period of 4 days. Other users may have a time greater than 60 days if you are a Twitch Prime user.

Another thing you should know is that content creators may or may not enable the option so that their videos can be recorded. Since this is not a function that is activated automatically. And even so, since there is the possibility of recording the content , there will be certain restrictions on the way that content can be saved.

It is also important that you know the difference between a video, a clip since the latter usually have a duration that ranges between 30 and 60 seconds. This according to the way the streamers have edited it. And these will end up in your account and you can find them in the Clip Manager .

Steps to save streams on Twitch

This method that you will use to save videos, clips, recordings and live broadcasts on Twitch, you can do it from any device you are using. Whether this is a PC, Tablet, mobile, PS4, Xbox, because these broadcasts will be saved in the account, for the period of time allowed by the subscription you have.

Doing this is very simple and to begin we must enter our account and go to the Configuration option in the control panel. Now we are going to select the Transmission Preferences option and there we are going to check the Storage box for your videos. In this way we have enabled the option for your transmissions to be recorded automatically.

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You must remember that depending on your case, these will remain in the archives of your channel for a period of 14 or 60 days . You can see these videos again at any time and for this you must do the following, go to the left panel and there you will find the Video option in the menu and the list of all those that are archived will be displayed.

So in this way when you are not connected, you can see the videos archived in your account and thus see the skills of other users. So you learn techniques that allow you to create quality videos and you can monetize the streams.

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