Pinterest is a social network a little different from the others, as it is focused directly on the images and photographs published by its users. Many of these images will be very beautiful, useful and you will love them, so you will want to download them, just as it is possible to download videos from Pinterest.

How to Save or Download Pinterest Images from Cell Phone or PC

If you don’t know how to do this, the next topic on how to save or download Pinterest images from a cell phone or PC will be very useful.

But first let’s see some interesting facts about Pinterest, so you can better understand how this social network works.

Pinterest – The highlights of this social network

Knowing more information about Pinterest is important when you have an account on this social network . And it is that when talking about it, we can rescue several positive aspects of Pinterest. For example, the enormous amount of images, videos, infographics and the like is what characterizes this social network.

Another aspect that makes Pinterest so popular is its idea drawer style, that is, sections or, in the case of Pinterest, “boards” with specific themes where you can find images and videos related to the chosen topic.

You can also save or organize your favorite images and videos on boards with themes that you choose. Also, as we will see below, if you like pins or images a lot you can save them on your phone or PC.

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All of this makes Pinterest a huge global success today, with millions of active users around the world.

How to save or download Pinterest images from cell phone or PC

In order for you to start downloading images from this social network from your cell phone or PC, you must follow a series of practical and simple steps that will allow you to carry out this action. Let’s first see how to download your favorite Pinterest images from your cell phone.

Save or download Pinterest images from your cell phone

The first thing you will need to carry out the download or save of images on Pinterest is to create an account on Pinterest. If you have not done so yet, you can register from its official page or from the mobile application.

When you have created your account on the famous and peculiar social network, you must log in to your Pinterest account. After this, then you will be able to view boards , which in fact are the ones you liked.

If you’re new to Pinterest, the app will present you with suggestion boards that you can choose to save or download. After you locate the board that you like the most, you must click on it and choose the specific image to download.

It is very important to keep in mind that if you are going to download an image, it must always be an image of your board or a board with royalty-free images, in order to use it legally.

At the top, just above the pin or image, you will see three points (…), which you must press, and then select the Download image option, then the image will be saved in your gallery.

Save or download Pinterest images from PC

As in the previous process, to download or save any image from Pinterest, you must have an account on this social network. So you need to log in and locate yourself on the dashboard where the image you want to download is. When you click on a board, you will be shown the pins or images established in it, locate the pin you want to save on your PC.

Right click on it and click on the “Save image as” option. Then the download of the respective image will start; later, you can get it in the Downloads folder on your PC.

On the other hand, if what you want is to save the image in your Pinterest account, you must locate the pin and in the three points (…) click on the Save option so that it is saved in your account. Of course, you must remember that this social network is open to everyone, so you can also upload images or videos to Pinterest whenever you want.

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This is how you can start saving or downloading the fabulous images from Pinterest from your PC or cell phone right away, then you can enjoy these images whenever you want.

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