PS4 is the queen of the consoles of this last generation that is about to leave, this title is won thanks to the functions that I implement, such as editing videos in ShareFactory, and just for one of those characteristics is that this guide was made, so that learn How to save my progress or game data from PS4?

There is nothing more important than learning how to save your game data, since with that you make sure you always have a backup copy in case your console is damaged, or you need to reset the factory default settings, even with a copy you can play your save games on a friend’s PS4.

Before starting it should be noted that all the processes that will be explained below were given by the same Sony company on its official page, so you should not worry that your console may be damaged.

How do I save my PS4 game progress or data with PSPlus?

Now, to start with the topic and learn as soon as possible how to save my progress or game data from the PS4, the first thing to keep in mind is that because there are several ways to save the data, today this will be divided tutorial in several parts.

The number one process that will be shown to you to save the data is through the use of PSPlus. To do this you have to go to “Settings” of your console, in this section there will be several options that you can choose, select “Management of the application’s saved data”.

vista frontal ps4 consola y mando

This action will redirect you to a section where you will see many more selections, this time choose the one called “Data saved in system storage”, then you will have two more options, press “Upload to online storage” .

With this, a list of the games that you can load will be displayed (they will all appear), there you can choose to load one by one or all at the same time. To do the first one you have to press the game in question, and within its own section select the “Load” button.

In the event that you want to upload everything at once to the online storage, press the “Select all” option found in the games menu, and then click “Load”, so everything will be uploaded and saved in your PSPlus .

Save progress to USB

With the above, it is now clear how to save my progress or game data from the PS4 to the PSPlus, now it is time for you to see how to make a save or copy to a USB.

If you want to achieve this, go back to the previous section (data saved in the system storage), and there select the option ” Copy USB storage device” , doing so will open a list with all the games.

To copy them you just have to select them, and once you are inside their personal sections, press the “Copy” button, with that they will be copied automatically.

mando ps4 fondo cian

In case you want to copy everything at the same time, just hit “Select all” and then “Copy ” and everything will be transferred to your USB, make sure you have enough space.

And voila, with that last one you already know everything you need to be able to save my progress or game data from the PS4. However, before leaving you should look for other guides so that you continue to enrich your knowledge about this great console, such as you can learn how to delete the data from the other folder on the PS4, so that you have more space and allocate it to your favorite games. .

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