Over the years it is normal for your phone to slow down or lose speed due to the amount of data and files stored on it. This, in turn, can cause some functions to fail or the way they normally work less efficient.

Due to viruses and junk files , in addition to cache and files, your phone can also have failures. What to do in those cases? Instead of rushing to change your phone because you think it no longer has a useful life, you can format your Android cell phone and restore it to its factory settings from your PC or mobile if you wish.

How to Reset, Reboot or Hard Reset a Huawei Phone to Factory Settings?

Performing a reset to your device can make the speed of the beginning return, since it removes all the data and files that are no longer useful and leaves the phone in factory conditions, that is, clean and light, without any files.

In this article you will learn some information about the hard reset or how to restore Android to factory settings, what you should know before executing this action, and finally, how to do it on your Huawei phone.

What is a hard reset and what should you know before executing it?

Movil en manos Hard reset

When it comes to a hard reset, it refers to a total reset or reset of a phone to its factory settings. In other words, your applications and files such as music, images, videos, documents or any other type of file, are deleted and the phone is returned to its original state.

This is a great help so that your device returns to have the same speed, space and operation as in the beginning. Now, what should you know before resetting your mobile?

As mentioned above, all the files on the device are deleted upon reset. Therefore, if you want to save your files, you must make a backup copy, upload it to the cloud, or send them to the memory card.

In addition to this, your phone has to have at least 50% battery so that there are no interruptions in the process. If it were to download, it is very possible that it will cause serious damage to your phone. So make sure of it.

How to reset or perform a hard reset on your Huawei device?

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There are several types of reset. In this article, you will learn about at least two of them. The first is to restore factory settings from the Smartphone settings. And the second, on how to do the hard reset with the Recovery method . Before starting, if you want to know more about your phone model, you can do it from the official Huawei website.

Reset from Smartphone settings

To use this method you just have to follow these simple steps that you will see below

Step 1

Taking into account that the phone must have at least 50%, you must go to “Settings” or “Settings”.

Step 2

Press the option “Backup and reset” and then select “Factory data reset.”

Step 3

Finally, select the option “Reset device” and the reset process will begin immediately. You have to wait a few minutes for your phone to restart, and that’s it.

Hard reset with the Recovery method

In the case of this method, it applies when the phone does not turn on, we do not remember the key or the lock pattern, or when the previous method is simply not enough.

Step 1

Once again we make sure the phone has at least 50% battery power and we remove and put the battery back in.

Step 2

Press and hold the “On / Off + Volume Up” buttons simultaneously until the Recovery menu appears.

Step 3

Once there, select the option “Wipe Data / Factory Reset” by scrolling with the volume buttons and selecting with the on / off button.

Step 4

After this they will ask you for confirmation, so you must select the “Wipe Data” option again using the volume buttons.

Step 5

At that point the device restoration process will begin. The time it takes varies depending on the number of files you have on your phone.

Once the process has been completed, it will redirect you to the Recovery menu. There you will choose the option “Reboot System Now” . And finally, after a few minutes, you will have your phone as factory.

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