Social media is full of many types of people that you have to be very careful about. Just as many can be kind, charismatic, and friendly, there are others who are dedicated to attacking others. Knowing how to report an Instagram account for bullying or harassment posts is essential in these types of situations.

It does not matter if it is you or someone you know who is in one of these painful and extremely uncomfortable circumstances. This article is written in order to provide sufficient guidance to stop that user . In addition, you will be able to know the measures that one of the most famous social networks in the world has decided to take.

The growth of Instagram

Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger were in charge of the design of Instagram, making its successful launch 10 years ago. Since then, this social network has become unstoppable. In just two years, this platform already exceeded 100 million active users.

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The platform was, at first, available only for Apple devices. However, its popularity has been so staggering that it didn’t take long to be on Google Play. Similarly, by 2016, Instagram could already be used on computers with Windows 10 operating systems.

Currently, Instagram has more than one billion active users per month. These numbers position it as the sixth most used social network in the world .

Instagram against cyberbullying or cyberbullying

However, as mentioned above, not all people on social media are good. In general, having more views on your Instagram stories tends to attract malicious people. People who, plain and simple, come to enjoy going against the rules of the user community .

Reporting an Instagram account is a fair and necessary action. Studies have shown the catastrophic results that bullying and harassment can have. That is why each social network has adopted a series of different measures.

The versatility of this social network makes malicious users attack while another tries to broadcast live on Instagram on your PC or mobile. Some even use two or more Instagram accounts for when one of them is blocked .

Report a post

If you see any post that could be classified as abusive, it is time to act in the right way. Reporting an Instagram account for this type of content is simply the most sensible thing to do.

Now, reporting an Instagram account is extremely simple. So you just have to pay attention to a series of simple instructions to do it effectively.

  1. The first thing to do is locate the post that you find offensive.
  2. At the top right of the post, you’ll see a three-dot icon. Click on it.
  3. Now, you will see a series of options. Among them, of course, you will choose “Report …”
  4. Select the reason you are reporting the post. For this type of situation, the ideal is to choose “It is inappropriate”.
  5. Specify again the reason for your complaint with a broader menu. Among the available options you will find that of “Harassment or bullying”.

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Report an account

However, the limitations seem a bit unfair. Why settle for reporting a single post? If you notice that a user is a repeat offender when it comes to harassing other users, it is best to report the account .

  1. Go to the user’s profile.
  2. Locate the icon of the three dots in the upper right part of the screen and click on it.
  3. Select the “It is inappropriate” option.
  4. Now click on the option “I think this account violates the Community Rules of Instagram”.
  5. Choose the option “Harassment or bullying.”

Say no to bullying and harassment!

Instagram has created different awareness campaigns for these types of situations. The educational aspect in children also turns out to be a very important element. The little ones should know what cyberbullying or cyberbullying is and how we can prevent it. Since it is they who, in the future, may become victims or victimizers .

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