Did you know that you can remove spaces when using justify a text in Word? The text editor, as well as many other similar programs, have this annoying quality. However, it is possible to configure this feature so that it does not include extra spaces when correctly aligning words.

The methods to achieve this are really simple and you can learn them through this post, so you can forget about the huge spaces in the document.

Why is it important to eliminate the spaces left when justifying?

As you read earlier, Word has the default setting to justify text to the left. This is something that is not convenient in the form of a job, article, among others. Making it necessary that you have to align the text evenly.

But when you make this adjustment, some words take too much space between them. This can be seen badly in the document, because, ideally, this space is exactly the same between all of them.

If you are one of those people who works with a certain scheme in this text editor program, it is important to have control of this quality. Since, by showing these unnecessary spaces , the presentation of your work can be compromised.

Automatically remove spaces when using justify text

Now, justifying paragraphs is really easy, you just have to shade the segment of the document that you want to align and use the buttons on the top bar. Although, you can also use the ones that are shown in the pop-up window and, thus, correctly align the text between the margins of the text editor.

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In this way, you will have correctly adjusted the words, but sometimes you will notice how the famous excessive spaces are formed in some of the paragraphs. This is something that you can correct automatically using a tool included in Word.

That said, to eliminate spaces when using justify a text you just have to use the “^” key that is next to the letter P. It is the same button that you use to place accents, but it will not be as simple as selecting and pressing without plus.

To achieve this, you must shade again the paragraph or paragraphs in which you want to eliminate spaces, and then select the option “Replace” within “Search “. Now you will see how a pop-up window with fields appears and, in it, you must modify the one that says “Replace with”.

In this, you must use the key in question and write the following: “ ^ 013 ”, but without the quotes. Once this field has been filled in, you will have to select “Replace all” , and with that, Word will automatically eliminate all the extra spaces.

Get rid of excess spaces manually

The above method may work great for you in most documents. But, there will be other texts in which the technique does not finish eliminating the spaces when using justify a text effectively.

In such a case, there is a procedure that you can apply, and that will surely eliminate them completely. But, unlike the previous method, this one must be developed manually.

documento de microsoft word

So, to carry out this process, you will have to use another tool that you will already know in other versions as a mode or way of compatibility. In this case, it is called “Show All”, it is located on the Word start tab and is shaped like a P backwards.

When you press this button (which you can also activate using “Ctrl + left shift + 8 ”) you will see how various symbols appear in the document. These represent each space or line break, as well as other imperceptible or hidden elements in the text.

Next, you will have to find each of the extra spaces in the file and delete them. In general, these appear with the hyphen symbol (-), which you will easily see in those excessive distances between one word and another.

Once you have managed to get rid of all the spaces when using justify a text, you must deactivate the “Show all” mode and save the changes.

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