Do you want to remove glowing eyes in Photoshop from your dog or pet? By following these simple steps you can achieve a truly fascinating confection of your photographs. Now you can forget about that annoying effect that the camera produces on your canine friend and show it off without inconvenience on your social networks.

Don’t have Photoshop? Download it from its official website

If you are not one of the people who are fond of image editing, there is always a first time to download and install Photoshop on your computer. To do this you must go to the program’s official page and download it , or search for it manually from the browser.

Once inside the store, you will see two options regarding the acquisition of the software , the first is “Buy” and the second will be “Free version”. In the initial one, as you might suppose, you will be paying for the official version with all its active functionalities.

While, with the second, you will be getting a copy of Photoshop that will expire in a certain number of days. If you just want to remove sparkly eyes in Photoshop, you can go for the free version and apply the procedure with a few images .

descargar photoshop oficial

Although, if you are sure you want the program for a longer time, you can simply buy it and exploit all its potentialities. Ideally, you should choose the free trial mode and, from there, determine if the program is to your liking and you want to use it for a longer time. You can renew the subscription through the same software so you don’t have to download it again.

Steps to fix or remove glowing eyes in Photoshop

Once you have installed Photoshop, either the free or the Premium version, you can open the program and start editing your image. So if you want to remove the glowing eyes from your canine photo, follow the steps below.

Open the file or image to edit

The first and most obvious thing, in addition to starting the application, is to open the image of your pet that you want to remove bright eyes from in Photoshop. To do this, locate the tab at the top of the program that says “File” and then choose “Open”.

This will bring up a window that will allow you to search through your computer’s library. Choose the photo of your canine and then click on the bottom button on the side to continue.

Select the area of the dog’s eye

Once the image is uploaded, use the “Ctrl +” command to get closer to the area where the dog’s eyes are located. Then, choose an option in the toolbar on the left side, called ” Lasso” and highlight the area of the pet’s eyeballs .

opcion lazo en adobe photoshop

Now, go to the “Image” tab, then to the “Adjustments” section and choose the “Hue / Saturation” option. Thus, a window will be exposed that you must accommodate so that you have full view of the eyes.

Adjusts the brightness and hue values

This is where you can begin to remove bright eyes in Photoshop, which you will achieve by moving the lightness bar. By dragging it towards the darkest part, you will see how the light in the canine’s eyes is disappearing.

But, so that they do not completely lose the naturalness and color that they had, you must also move the “Tone” bar. In this way, you will be able to give them the natural reflections that they had in the beginning.

Repeat the same process with the remaining eye

Once the process is finished, you just have to repeat it selecting the remaining eye, since it is always advisable to do it one by one. Also, you must choose the area again with “Lasso” and change the luminosity and color with the “Hue / Saturation” tool.

Save and overwrite the image

Finally, you must choose the “File” tab and click on the “Save As” option and search for the corresponding image among your files . Now, choose it and select “Save” to overwrite it.

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