Video games are very entertaining and fun and in times of quarantine, they are great allies to combat boredom. However, video games have their own enemies: PING and lag.

The LAG is much more present in mobile devices, since depending on the equipment you have, the game can consume more resources and if we add this to an internet connection that is not very stable, you will surely have LAG in any game you have in your mobile.

You have probably had to face a game of Free Fire with PING or lag and you will see how unpleasant it is to play this way, since the games become unplayable and you will end up dying quickly without being able to do much.

Despite this, there are many people who do not know the term, and therefore do not know how to act in relation to this problem. For this reason, in the following article we will delve further into the meaning of these terms and explain how to remove the LAG from Free Fire on Android without being root on your mobile, quickly and easily.

What is the LAG?

LAG is an exaggerated lag in the game that occurs when you play online. Consequently, the actions that happen within the game are carried out later. This can be caused by high latency or because there is insufficient power on the server or client computer with which communication is being established.

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That is, in a shooter, you can run to hide, but due to the LAG the action will be executed after it has been executed and they will be able to shoot you and kill you quickly without being able to do anything.

All real-time communications have a minimum delay, however, the LAG is present when the interaction between the parties (the user, the server and the other players) becomes difficult in such a way that the gameplay becomes impossible.

How to remove LAG in Free Fire?

Probably when playing Free Fire on your mobile you have presented LAG problems in the games or even that the game closes unexpectedly. This is largely due to the mobile version you have, as some are not optimized in the best way or because the device is saturated.

Fortunately, there are applications that can optimize the operation of Free Fire so that the game can be played without the annoying LAG.

GFX Tool – Free Fire Booster

This application is available in the Play Store completely free of charge. After downloading it and opening it, we will see that it has three boxes that we will have to check, then we will have to set the volume option to 50% and finally select the RUN option.

After this you can play and you will notice the difference in the elimination of the LAG. It is important that every time you go to play, you open this application and configure it so that you can play Free Fire in the most optimized way possible.

RAM Booster Pro

This tool will allow you to free up unnecessary space on your device, so that it is more free and can use more resources to run Free Fire.

This application is one of the most downloaded and used in the world within the Android community because it optimizes the RAM memory of the device without the need to root your cell phone.

60x Game Booster Pro

This application will allow you to select other apps to optimize it, so that when using them, your device focuses all its efforts on executing it. It is a very good option to avoid LAG in Free Fire.

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You can also delete all the tabs you have just before opening Free Fire, this way there will be no applications open in the background and the device will be able to run Free Fire optimally.

Panda Game Booster

Another excellent alternative that works to optimize all the games you have on your device. This application is very useful for use on low-end and mid-range mobile devices and works quite well for high-end devices that have a lot of games.

You can choose any of the options that we mentioned, all are very effective and guarantee to eliminate the LAG so that you can enjoy Free Fire in the best way.

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