Consoles, like computers, often have errors. Given this, today we will teach you how to remove and fix the lock error CE-32809-2 on the PS4 when launching games , a common problem for owners of Play Station 4.

On the other hand, if you are new to the world of consoles and you recently acquired a PS4, it is convenient that you know how to create and verify a PlayStation Network account on PS4, essential to use the game console without problems. Without further ado, let’s continue with this guide to solve the problem CE-32809-2 on your Play Station 4.

How to remove and fix padlock error CE-32809-2 on PS4 when launching games

This error is usually accompanied by the warning “An error occurred while launching a downloaded game.” Fortunately, this error is usually solved with great ease in most circumstances, but to achieve it you have to try a few things.

The first thing to do is start the console , as we will access certain specific settings of it. This time the goal is to activate the PS4 as the main console. To do it properly, keep reading the information below.

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Go to the settings menu , for this look for the “Settings” section in the main menu of your Play Station 4 console. Once you are in Settings, you must locate the “Account Management” section and here you will find the option “Activate as PS4 principal. Change the settings until the option appears as “Activated”, to do this, click on “Activate”.

After making the previous changes the problem should already be solved, before this you have the test with the title that presented the error . In the event that the game still does not work, there are still some alternatives that you can try.

In turn, it would not hurt if you knew the differences between the PS4 and the PS4 Pro, to know exactly how your model is positioned in relation to the other.

Another option to fix error CE-32809-2

Many times when the console is already marked Active, the above may have no effect. Even so, taking another action we can find the solution to the problem. To continue, it will also be necessary to go to the system configuration, so go to “Settings”.

Once you are in Settings, go back to the “Account Management” section. Anyway, this time what you will do is click on the “Deactivate” option. After performing the process, try again to start the title with the problem.

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If even after all the above the problem persists, try again with “Activate” the option. Many times doing this usually helps so that the CE-32809-2 error disappears and you can use the PS4 without problems. In addition to the above, remember that, if you have problems with space, there is the option to change the hard drive of the PS4 to expand the capacity.

Restore PS4 licenses

Sometimes following the previous steps does not solve the error CE-32809-2, before this it will be necessary to take another measure. We refer to the restoration of the console licenses , a process that helps to solve this and other common errors when playing with the PS4.

The process to restore licenses is usually very simple, to continue you must go to the configuration options of the console, in “Settings”. Once you are within the options of your PS4, go to “Account Management” and locate the option “Restore Licenses” . Click on it, then on “Accept” and see if the problem is solved.

Update the console to fix errors

Like computers, video game consoles receive constant updates over time. These updates help both with performance and to fix common errors or problems.

For this reason, if after trying all of the above the error CE-32809-2 follows , you can try updating the console, in case the option is not activated. On the other hand, if you have problems with this option in its normal mode, you can try updating the PS4 software from the safe mode.

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