In today’s article we are going to see how to register or create an account on Tinder without a phone number in a simple way and in a few steps.

Remember that we have guides in which we can teach you how to match on Tinder, in any case we will focus on the process to register without a phone number.

How to Register or Create an Account on Tinder without a Phone Number?

It’s a great way to flirt, whether it’s to make friends or have a good time with good company. Whatever you are looking for, Tinder is very popular and you can get it.

The only detail is that when registering it is necessary to enter a phone number. The problem is that on many occasions we do not want to expose our private number and less in this class of apps that we may not use for a long time.

How can we register without a phone number ? Actually, you may not need to have a number. However, what we can do is create a virtual or fake number to be able to register without having to add our own.

Do you want to know how you can do this? We are going to start with this fairly simple tutorial that will not only help you to register for Tinder . But you will also be able to use it for all applications or services where you do not want to expose your private number.

On the other hand, if you already have an account if you have problems with your username, we also have a guide to change your username on Tinder. Without further ado, let’s get started with this tutorial for registering without a phone.

aplicacion tinder

Create Tinder account without my phone number

What we are going to do to create a Tinder account without using our phone number is to use a virtual phone. There are services that offer us a virtual telephone number so that we can register in different applications, among other things.

For this, the first thing we must have is the Hushed application that allows us to create a virtual phone number , it can be downloaded from the Play Store or by following this link.

Another application that you can use to get a virtual number is Zamar App. Actually, there are several on the internet and it doesn’t matter which one you use to sign up for Tinder. We recommend these two because we have already tried them and we know how well they work.

Finally, remember that we also have a guide in which we teach you how to have or get a free virtual phone number, in case the above does not work.

crear cuenta tinder

Sign up for Tinder with virtual phone number

  • The first thing you will have to do is download the application to your mobile device.
  • After opening the app it will ask you to enter your phone number. Here you will have to add the phone that was given to you in the previous application.
  • After clicking ” Continue ” you will be sent an SMS to verify your number.
  • Once the SMS arrives, you will simply have to enter the code in question to verify the account.
  • And after this you already have your Tinder account working without any kind of problem.

In a few words, the registration process is exactly the same, we are going to have to use a phone number in one way or another since it is totally necessary to have a Tinder account.

But as you will see we can use a virtual one and in this way not expose ours in any way . It is quite simple and it can also be used to verify other applications or websites without having to expose your personal number.

Something that we must highlight is that, if you are about to register for an important service or that you are going to use regularly. It is highly recommended that you use your own number for security reasons.

This is because if you ever lose your password or something happens to the account. It’s considerably easier to retrieve it with your real data than if you have to deal with virtual numbers or made-up data.

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