As everyone knows, enjoying the benefits it has, having an account on any social network has its benefits and risks. And surely you know very well what are the benefits of applications like Facebook.

How to Recover your Facebook Account without Email, Phone or Password

But you know what its risks are, such as hacking, forgetting your password, losing your phone number, etc. It is for this reason that we want to show you what you should do to recover your Facebook account without email, phone or password.

The social network Facebook is the most used in the world and it is very easy to open an account and from time to time it has been adding new functions to its platform. To keep his millions of followers happy and happy who use this social network every day to share photos, videos, text messages and now audio messages.

On another occasion, we explained what you should do if you wanted to recover your Facebook password if it has been forgotten . But in this case it is very different and a little more complex , since you are not going to use any conventional recovery method. How can your email or phone be affiliated with your account.

How to recover your Facebook account without email, phone or password

This is now possible, thanks to the increased levels of security that this platform has added to users’ accounts. Because the different mishaps that unfortunately usually happen are already well known. Like forgetting passwords, being a victim of hackers, something that is becoming very common in recent years.

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Next we are going to show you three infallible methods that will surely help you to recover your Facebook account without email, phone or password . But first you must call immediately with the technical support staff. And in this way, you must report that you were hacked and your information was changed, you forgot or lost the access data to your account.

If you have a problem when you log in, you must report it immediately, through this Link you can do it quickly. Now you must enter the data that is requested below. First, write an email address that you have active, in it you will receive information about the status of your report.

Now, you must clearly detail what happened, what you think happened to your account , the actions you took and what the page responds to. You must also add the link of the account that you want to recover or yours. If possible, send a screenshot of the error that occurs when entering the data when logging in.

You must confirm your identity on Facebook

This step is very important because you will indicate to the platform that you are indeed who you say you are. To do this you must enter the following page, if you prefer through this Link you will do it without loss of time. It is important that you enter an identity document that is considered valid, these can be:

  • Driver’s license
  • Birth certificate
  • The DNI
  • The visa or passport
  • Tax ID
  • Marriage certificate

In a complementary way, you must do the following, when you have chosen the identity document you must take a photo of it. You must make sure that it is legible and you must save it on your computer or removable memory to be able to upload it. How you should do this, by clicking on the Choose files option and look for the document with your identification.

And now we attach it, and to finish we must fill in the space that corresponds to email or phone number. Here we will receive information that has to do with our request . And to finish, we only have to make a clip in the Send option, you should know that this process can last between 10 to 30 days.

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In this not so simple but efficient way, you can recover your Facebook account without email, phone or password. And in this way, we have given you the solution to a problem that is becoming very recurrent every day and through this article you were able to solve it.

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