When we want to recover an email account we must understand that Google will treat us as if we were an intruder trying to access the account, so it won’t be as simple as doing a few clicks. Google has now improved and continues to improve the security of our accounts.

So, to find out if you can recover your account and avoid wasting your time looking for magic solutions…

In which cases can I recover my Google Gmail account ?

To recover a Gmail email account, Google must be sure that the account is ours , so we must have a connection with that email or know our account details.

  • Have an alternate email associated with your account
  • Have a cell number associated with your account
  • Enable two-step verification on a phone or tablet
  • able to correctly answer the most account related questions (Creation date, personal information, previous passwords, security questions…)
recuperar cuenta de gmail
Como recuperar cuenta de google

Recommendations for following the process

  • Use a device you’ve already accessed (Preferably mobile)
  • Connect to a Wi-Fi network that you used previously with that email like your home or work
  • Go to Gmail using the same language you created your account with

Recover Gmail account if you forget your password

Go to the password recovery page

Enlace de recuperacion de cuenta gmail

By clicking next, Google will show you all the options available to recover your account. This only in case you have the complete recovery information.

recuperar contrasena gmail

Recover Gmail account with no phone number or alternative mail


In this case there will be only TWO POSSIBILITIES, using the last password you remember or answering questions associated with the account.

Recuperar cuenta sin correo y sin movil


If you don’t remember your password, click try another method, then leave an email to which you can send the account recovery survey. This survey has some questions such as the date of creation, last passwords among others…

recuperar cuenta de google sin correo ni telefono

It is not necessary to answer exactly the correct answer, but the more successful you are, the greater your chance to recover your account.

Even if you don’t remember well, it’s better to select the nearest option instead of skipping the question.

PLEASE NOTE that this is the most sensitive recovery option and it is possible for security to block the account if you fail the survey once or twice.

Recover features two-step verification

recuperar cuenta con verificacion de dos pasos

If you have an Android phone associated this will be the easiest way, just click on this option and you will immediately receive a message on your cell phone saying “Are you trying to log in from another computer? “, you press YES and that’s it. You can now access and change your password.

Recover account with alternate mail

recuperar cuenta con correo alternativo

When you created the mail you were asked by an alternate email, this email is used as a recovery method so you should have access to it. By clicking on this option Google will send you a code to that email, once you insert the code in the form you can change your password.

Recover account with my phone number

recuperar cuenta con mi numero de telefono

This option is very useful because you can use it without having an Android phone, if you had a fixed phone or an iOS phone associated you still have the option to recover it using a code that you can receive by text message or call. After inserting that code, it will let you change your password.

Recover account with security question

recuperar cuenta con pregunta de seguridad

Finally, the security question is an option if you have it added to your account. When creating a gmail account it is optional to enter a security question to recover your account later, so if you filled it out, you are hopefully.

It does not matter if you do not remember the exact answer, security questions take into account the variations of the answer, that is, you can type “AM” for the answer “Ana Maria”. If you fail consider making a second attempt with these types of variations.

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