If you have forgotten your Facebook account password, don’t worry, in today’s tutorial we are going to tell you how to recover my Facebook password if I forget it quickly and easily.

How to recover my Facebook password if I forgot

It is part of Facebook’s security commitment to protect your data, so if you have forgotten your account password, you will have to validate your profile in some way. To know how to do it, continue reading.

How to reset my Facebook password in a few steps

In order to reset the Facebook password, it will ask you to enter the email or phone number to which your account is associated. In order to have an account on this platform, it is mandatory to have at least one of the two options.

If you have forgotten your Facebook account password, you can reset it by validating your account. To do this, enter Facebook from the app on your mobile device or from the browser on your computer.

Enter your email or phone number with which you have registered and click on “Forgot your password?” In case you do not remember which method you used to register, write your username and click on “Find my profile”.

You will see that there are several profiles with the same name. You must be guided by the profile photo that has to the right of each one. Click on it when you have found it. It will ask you to enter your password, but since you don’t remember it, follow the link “Have you forgotten your password?” to be able to reset it.

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It will ask you to validate your identity by entering the password reset code sent to [email protected] or 123… 345. In case you have both methods available, you can choose either of them.

Now you just have to wait for the message that Facebook will send you and enter it in the corresponding box. The next thing will be to choose a new password. Choose a different one, since it will not allow you to enter any of the passwords that you have used previously.

You can also close the other sessions you have open on other devices from “Settings> Security and login> open all> Exit all sessions” or by clicking on “Close sessions open on other devices”.

This last option is available to you when you have finished modifying your password. In this way you will have recovered your Facebook account .

How to recover my account if I no longer have access to my email or phone number

It may happen that you no longer have any account validation method that you had registered in your Facebook account. Do not be alarmed anyway you can recover your Facebook password, although this could take a little more time.

To do this, you must send an email to Facebook technical support explaining your situation, that you no longer have access to the email or phone number with which you registered and attach a photo of your identity document on both sides.

They may take up to 48 hours to respond to you, it will depend on the amount of demand that this platform has.

The people who work in technical support must confirm that the person who is trying to enter a Facebook profile without any validation method is you and not an unauthorized third party, that is why you must send a photo with your identity document to that are compared with your profile.

Once they have corroborated this data, they will send you a response with a link where you can reset your account and change the password. Remember to close the sessions you have open on another device for security.

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Finally, we recommend that you take a few minutes to add different options to validate your account, in this way you can recover the Facebook password in case of forgetting it more quickly.

You can add more than one email address or phone number as alternatives . Just make sure you always have a form of validation available and that they are secure, to prevent others from hacking into your account.

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