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Many of us at some point have had trouble logging into our email. So if you’ve lost or forgotten your GoDaddy Webmail password , we’ll show you how to recover it here.

But before we get down to business, let’s talk a bit about GoDaddy . It is a web hosting service that also includes a domain registration service. GoDaddy started in 1997 with the name of Jomaz Technologies, but it was not until 2 years later, in 1999, when it was given the name of GoDaddy Hosting.

Today, it is the leading domain registrar in the world and at the same time the largest service company with more than 60 million domains on its servers that belong to more than 13 million customers.

Over the years, GoDaddy has won multiple awards in recognition of its excellent work. It has been called the most innovative company and number 1 in software and technology.

It has also been called the best domain registration company for several consecutive years and more recently, it has received the title as the company with technical support and telephone attention in Spanish for its clients in Latin America and the United States.

These accolades have been earned for performance, technical support, and safety. GoDaddy incorporates tools and resources necessary to create your domain or website the way you like it. Everything you’re looking for in one web page, giving GoDaddy adequate performance.

Regarding security, this service offers you both surveillance circuits , as well as security personnel and technology available 24 hours a day, which serves to detect suspicious activity, solve problems and eliminate any threats that possible attacks contain before they generate problems.

And when it comes to technical support, it is worth noting that both this and GoDaddy customer service are available 24 hours a day and you have the ability to communicate with them by phone call, email or chat on real time.

Starting to use GoDaddy is very easy, to create an account you just have to enter the GoDaddy website and select the type of accommodation you want, then decide how long you are going to use the host. You can even buy a domain from GoDaddy without a credit card. Later, you will be given the option to register a free domain in which you can place one that you already have or register another. Finally, proceed with the payment and enter your personal information.

So, having a general idea about what GoDaddy is and what it is for, let’s see now what Webmail is and how we can use it in GoDaddy.

What is Webmail?

It is an email client that offers a web interface that in turn allows you to create email accounts that can be reviewed via the web. This service is provided by many websites but especially portals. But how to access or log in to my Webmail account?

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Among these servers that use Webmail is GoDaddy. To enhance your experience using this wonderful domain creation tool, GoDaddy also has Webmail, an email service. This allows your clients to facilitate their work by having access to everything they need on the same website, since it is even possible to configure the automatic reply in GoDaddy Webmail emails.

Now, it is common to forget the password of our email account . Is it possible to recover it? And if so, how? In the next block we will talk about it.

How to recover GoDaddy Webmail password?

Although it is not possible to regain access to any of your accounts if you have lost your password, what you can do is reset the password very easily if you can enter your GoDaddy account manager. And if you want you can even add a signature image from GoDaddy WebMail easily.

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Step 1

In your web browser, go to GoDaddy administrator . Then, click on ‘My Products’ and select ‘Email’. Then select ‘Manage account’ and the email control center will open.

Step 2

Select ‘+’ and the list of email addresses will open. Then press the address where you want to reset the password. A pop-up window called ‘Edit email box’ will open in which you will have to type and confirm your new password and finally press ‘OK’.

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