Android is the favorite of many for the variety of parameters that its configurations offer, new generations of smartphones have softened the appearance of their screens by rounding the corners , if your mobile phone does not have this option and you still have those annoying right angles in the corners; In this article we want you to learn how to put rounded corners on an Android screen in a very simple way.

Round the corners with Rounded Corners

Before using this application you must bear in mind that it can generate a burning or ghosting effect on your screen by wearing down the pixels on the edges, also this app fits more with mobile phones with a black or dark front because what it does is activate black pixels on the corners of your mobile to make them look rounded.

You can download Rounded Corner from Google Play Store without complications, once installed you can customize the settings of the app so that the appearance and colors are adjusted to the applications you are using, you can also change the size of the corners and the opacity of the Although it is a simple application, it has a variety of parameters that will be useful to you.

Cornerfly, a useful app to put rounded corners on your Android

This application is the favorite to put rounded corners on the Android screen, it contains more configuration options and you can also download it on your phone from the App Store, once you download it the app will ask you for the permissions to change the appearance of your device , fortunately you don’t need to root your mobile to use it.

opciones de configuracion cornerfly

You basically ask two permits, S uperposición screen to accepting you give permission to the app to graphics that simulate rounded edges remain superimposed on the screen of your mobile and thus change the appearance of the corners.

Accessibility or access to use , you give Cornerfly authorization to make appearance modifications in the different applications that you have installed on your mobile phone.

Cornerfly Configuration

Among the outstanding features in the Cornerfly configuration, you can choose which applications you want to have rounded corners, and which corners you want to be rounded, if you wish, you can also round the edges but you must make a purchase linked to the app to access it. characteristic.

After activating the app and granting the permissions, you will notice the change in the appearance of your Android, and you will see an icon in the Status Bar of your mobile that will show that the application is running, you will need to choose when you want them to be displayed the edges on the mobile, you will have the following options:

  • Show borders when Status Bar or Notifications is visible,
  • Keep the rounded edges active under the Status Bar, this is for Android apps that are used in full screen and do not leave the Notification Bar visible;
  • Turn off Cornerfly, rounded corners will not be displayed.

movil android esquinas redondeadas

You can decide what color the edges of the corners will be shown , the size of the curvature that the corners will have, remember that the app will run in the background and will remain active in those apps that you authorize or if you want to return to the previous only you disable everything in the Cornerfly settings.

In summary, if your mobile does not have those smooth and rounded corners, Android allows a variety of apps to change the aesthetics of our mobiles, take advantage of Rounded Corners or Cornerfly, both are easy to download and simple to configure so you can put rounded corners on the screen of your Android mobile easily and when you turn on the screen of your Android mobile with a touch you will see a more pleasant environment to look at.

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