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Placing or writing fractions in Word is as easy as adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing in this program. It is a function that the text sheet has that many are unaware of. Whether due to work, assignment or a simple hobby, several users have had to insert this element in a document.

How to Put or Write Fractions in Word – Fractions with Exponents in Word

But, as many of them are unaware of the potential and capabilities of this program to do so, they cannot find a way to proceed.

Insert drawing or making fractions in Word is relatively simple , and like everything, you just have to know how to do it.

Although it may not seem like it, Word has a section that allows, unlike others of its kind, to insert formulas or calculation symbols. Facilitating the work of the users, and giving them practical alternatives so that they can personalize their documents created to measure.

Write fractions in Word using the division sign

Technically, fractions follow the same principle of division, only the numbers are expressed in a different way. In the same way, if you need to insert or write exponents in Word, you can do it thanks to its calculation tools.

Also, to write fractions in Word you can go to the mathematical symbol that is used to divide in order to translate it to the text sheet.

suma de facciones word

This method is simple and straightforward, you just have to type the numerator of the fraction, that is, it goes above the dividing line.

Then, we insert the division sign that would be the following ” / ” and consequently, the denominator, which must go below said symbol.

Add fractions using the equations option

This other step to write fractions in Word is just as simple, because there is a tool that allows you to add both simple and more complex equations, and it also supports drawing radicals.

Then, you have to go to the tab at the top of the program called ” Insert ” and when you click it, a series of options will be displayed in the menu above.

In it, from the right side to the end, you will find the numerical tools of the text sheet : “ Equations ” and “ Symbols ”.

The first one will have an arrow that, when pressed, will display a sliding menu with various formula options, which have fraction elements.

Although there is not one that has specifically only what we are looking for, by inserting them in Word we can add, delete and modify them depending on the preferences and needs of the user.

In this case, you only have to choose one that has said sign or symbol and delete the rest of the elements so that only this one remains.

Thus, this same tool also offers the option to be able to both write and draw the equation that needs to be inserted .

And it is achieved simply by clicking on its icon, a pop-up window will open with all these possibilities.

It will show a button on the right side called ” Fractions ” or ” Fraction ” and by clicking on it you will be able to see several alternatives, when selecting one, you only need to fill in the template data and that will be it.

calcular fraccion

Insert Fractions with Exponentials

Now, maybe what is needed is something a little more complicated, like placing an exponential in the fraction to be inserted.

Like the previous method, which was used to draw fractions in Word, you have to go to the ” Insert ” tab, and then select the ” Equations ” button.

It should be noted that, when doing so, a kind of text box will be inserted that will be modified depending on the type of element that is chosen.

Again, a fraction model is chosen, and this time, instead of filling the template box with any number, it is selected and we move to the ” Design ” tab.

It shows the options that previously appeared in the equation menu. And, with the element of the box selected, we go to the exponent section and the necessary model is chosen.

Then, it will appear reflected in the box as an element of the fraction, which should only be filled with the numbers or characters that the user needs.

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