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Windows has many options, tools and formulas in which we can support ourselves when carrying out any type of project. Symbols and question marks are important to be able to complete tasks and perform documents properly.

How to Put or Make the Question Mark on Your PC or Laptop Keyboard

The procedures to be able to place these symbols within a document are simple and easy to learn. Such as the parentheses, the semicolon, the exclamation marks, the brackets, among others that are important when writing any text.

These are based on a series of combinations which mostly depend on the operating system we are using and also if our PC is a laptop or a desktop PC. In both cases, the procedures may vary, but only slightly.

If the sign you want to learn to use is the question mark , you just have to follow the following steps:

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Place question mark with keyboard

  • To start placing the question mark, you must first of all locate the key where said symbol is located.
  • When you get it, you just have to press said key and you will automatically see that the “ ¿ ” will appear openly.
  • Next, if you want to place the same symbol but this time closed, you just have to continuously press ” SHIFT ” more, the question mark key. In this way you will be able to insert the sign in the document, but this time closed.

Place the question mark based on the ASCII Code

The above method is a fairly common one. If for some reason this has not worked for you, perhaps it is time to use the same method, but based on the ASCII Code, which is a universal method . This method is done as follows:

  • If you are going to start with the question symbol open, you should start by pressing the ” ALT ” key and keep it pressed until finished.
  • While you press that key, proceed to type the following combination on the numeric keyboard: ” 168 ” and then proceed to release the ” ALT ” key.
  • To later place this closed symbol, you must carry out the same procedure, only with the only difference of pressing the combination ” 63 ” instead of the previous one mentioned.

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Place it on a laptop or notebook

Laptops are generally a bit more complicated in terms of symbols , since they don’t have all the comforts of a PC computer . To place this sign, we must perform the following steps.

  • To start you must press the ” FN + NumLock ” key with this you will be activating the numeric keyboard.
  • Once you have pressed these keyboards, press the ” ALT ” key and as the keyboard number will be activated, you just have to enter the number ” 168 ” so that the open question mark¿ ” appears. And if you already want to close said symbol, you just have to follow the same steps, with the difference of writing the number ” 63 ” at the end.

About the symbol

This is a sign, which is used mostly to indicate that said phrase or sentence, said argument, is in the sense of a question or question.

In multiple countries, only the closing sign “ ? «. Perhaps for fashion or to save space , it is also a valid way to use it.

However, in Spanish-speaking countries, its use is applied to both symbols, in order to emphasize that this is a sentence with all questions, being mostly used for surveys .

This symbol has been used in many ways, for example, since in earlier times, it was only used if the sentence was long enough. As time went by, this rule changed and its use was extended to those slightly shorter sentences.

Its function has always been the same, which is to indicate that there is a question within the sentence.

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