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Many Microsoft Office users are unaware of the capabilities of their text editor for number functions. With them it is even possible to draw a square root in Word.

How to Put or Draw the Square or Cube Root in Word – Roots or Radicals in Word

It is not unusual for people to find themselves on the odyssey of placing complicated numerical functions or data on the text sheet. And is that Word allows you to perform calculations that go beyond adding and subtracting.

From equations, functions, including square or cubic roots, to carry out some work using the program and that deserves such data. Today Word is widely used by most people for its simplicity and ease of performing certain tasks.

Truth be told, this program is one of the most comprehensive of its kind, offering a variety of options that not everyone has.

So many high school or math-related students are forced to use the program for their academic assignments, be it to place fractions or write exponents in Word in an extremely easy way.

Consequently, many of these tasks will be entirely loaded with formulas or equations that they will have to solve or write somewhere.

And as the use of digital is increasingly taking part of the educational system of many study centers. It is likely, then, that several of these assignments must be submitted electronically or digitally to a platform, mail, among others, whether you edit and send them through your phone or from your PC.

There are two ways to add number symbols in the program , in this case, two different ways to enter a square root in Word.

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First step to insert a square root in Word

The first thing to do after opening a Word document is to point the mouse pointer to the tab called ” Insert “.

Then, you must locate a button or option called ” Symbols “, which will have an arrow pointing down, we click. From this a small menu will slide that will contain a box with several special characters, but not the one you are looking for.

In this segment, you will left click on the option at the bottom, which says ” More symbols .” A pop-up tab will appear before us with a wide variety of numeric characters and other types, such as text.

Within this section we will find a section called ” Subset ” that will have a list of options. We will choose “Number format “.

By choosing it, it will show us, in the box located in the middle, all the symbols of numerical characteristics that we can use.

There are many of them, so the square root will not be seen with the naked eye, therefore, you must search among all those there.

Once we find it, it is selected and we click on the button at the bottom that says ” Insert “. In this way, the square root will appear in Word automatically.

Second step to insert the square root

As you might expect, when it comes to operating systems, you can always expect that there are ways to perform processes via keyboard shortcuts.

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In this case, you can insert a square root into Word without spending time looking for it in the symbol popup, or all of the above.

You just have to know how the shortcut is to do it, that is, what keyboard keys are pressed so that it can be inserted quickly .

You just have to open the program and choose the place where we want the symbol to be placed, which in this case is the square root.

Then, you have to hold down ALT (key) as follows, you press 2, 5 and finally, 1 (all this without releasing ALT). You must use the number buttons that are above the letters.

Finally, you lift your finger from ALT, after having typed 1, and when you do so, the square root will appear in the place we chose previously.

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