como poner musica whatsapp
How to put music on WhatsApp status with image

Nowadays it is becoming very common to place music in WhatsApp status with videos or photos, but how can I do this? There are several procedures that are very simple to perform and below we will explain how to put music in WhatsApp states.   How to Put Music in WhatsApp Status with Image

WhatsApp has become in a very short time the application most used by millions of users in the world. At first you could only place texts and images in your states and many do not know how to put music in their WhatsApp states. But now we will teach you several tricks so that you learn to do it and share it with all your contacts.

With this application you have the possibility to put a fragment of song or music that you like or want to dedicate to all those people who give a clip in your state. But you can also put the lyrics of songs, if you are interested, we will explain three ways to do it.

How to put music from your music player

As we already told you before, it is not very complicated to put music in the WhatsApp states and you can do it with any song you have in your player, for that you just have to follow the following steps:

poner musica whatsapp
How to put music on WhatsApp status with image
  1. For this first trick you must place your mobile on a table, in order to get a completely black image.
  2. Then go to the WhatsApp icon and select Status and have clip on the My Status tab.
  3. At this time you must open the music player of your mobile, now select and play the song that you want all your contacts to listen to.
  4. Finally, return to the WhatsApp application and click on the record button and release it whenever you want, you will have your audio ready to upload and you only have to send it

How to play music from another computer

This trick is very simple and perhaps it is the most used to record music in WhatsApp states and it is about recording a song or music using another mobile device or from your pc.

The first thing you should do is select the song or music on the other computer, then play it; While you do this, you must enter the WhatsApp or WhatsApp web application and while there, click on the record button. Try that when you start recording the fragment of the song that you want others to listen to is playing on the other computer and that’s it, now send it and all your contacts will be able to listen to your song.

poner musica estado

How to put music from Youtube

To use this trick, the first thing you should do is download the AZ Screen Recorder application from the Play store that allows you to capture the screen of your phone. There are many applications for capturing, but this is the most used.

After this step and with the application installed on your mobile you must go to YouTube and search for the video or music that you want your contacts to listen to. It is important to note that with the screen capture application you can record not only music but also video.

When you have the video with the music of your choice and you put it on pause, you go to the window where the application is located and you give it a clip on the capture icon. It will start a regressive sequence from 3 to 1 and you must give Play to the Youtube song so that it begins to record the video.

This video will be recorded in the gallery of your mobile, then you just go to WhatsApp in the status section and follow the steps that we indicate on how to put music from your mobile player so that you can capture any YouTube video and place it on Your state.

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