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Users who have a pc with the latest Windows operating system surely want to learn how to set moving wallpaper in Windows 10.

How to Set Motion Wallpaper on Windows 10 – Live Wallpaper for PC

Since previously it used to be quite simple to set animated backgrounds on a Windows desktop.

With the new editions of Windows 10, it is no longer so simple, but it is still possible. Want to spice up your Windows 10 desktop with some animated backgrounds? This is what to do .

Using a moving desktop background

When you have a PC with Windows 10 operating system and you want to put a moving wallpaper, that’s when you realize that it is not as easy as before.

But do not worry. Then we leave you the ones to do to be able to change the static wallpaper and place one with movement .


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  • Click on the Microsoft Store icon: It’s at the bottom of your screen and its icon looks like a white shopping bag.
  • Click on Search: Now you must select the search option, it is the icon similar to a magnifying glass.
  • Write “animated backgrounds” and several options will appear, most of them are paid applications. You can use a free one called “Desktop Live Wallpapers”.

These applications generally only support WMV video formats, but you can use a format converter to change it.

  • Click Install: This button appears after purchasing the application or simply appears when it is free, click Install in the Microsoft Store .
  • Downloading videos to use as a background: There are many websites where you can download quick videos to use as a background. Use Google to find videos to download.

Short videos are the best option for animated backgrounds . Click on the download icon below one of the videos you want to download and then configure the video to set as your wallpaper.

Simply continue the steps on the screen to activate your screen with motion.

How to set an animated GIF as wallpaper

Just follow the steps below to set moving wallpaper in Windows 10 or even Windows 8 .

  • First of all, download the BioniX wallpaper changer software from here and install it.
  • Before running the software, make sure you have downloaded or created some good quality GIF images.
  • Open the BioniX software and click on the Tools option present in the menu toolbar.
  • Now select the wallpaper animator option and a window will open as shown below:
  • Now, navigate to the folder where your GIF images are present and the list of all GIF images below will be displayed.
  • Select the required GIF image and adjust parameters such as animation speed, magnification, etc.
  • You need to keep running the tool to be able to see the animation as your wallpaper and you can set it to run on its own at Windows startup.
  • The tool will keep running in the background and to stop the animation you need to click the stop button or close the tool.

So that’s all. Remember that the software will use a percentage of the system resources, so its use on laptops will affect the total battery life .



Hope you were able to follow all the steps mentioned above. If yes, an animated GIF will be set for you as your desktop background in Windows 10 or Windows 8.

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