In this article we are going to touch on a point of great importance for those who immerse themselves daily in the fabulous world of live video games. It is the current popularity of this type of page and especially of Twitch, where you can do live broadcasts and also share live with your followers. This is why below we will show you how to put the chat on a Twitch live using OBS Studio.

How to Put Chat on a Twitch Live Using OBS Studio

Is that one of the important aspects when you become streams and stream on Twitch is the opportunity you have to be able to interact live from the chat window. But not all those who have started to venture into this modality, do not know how to put the chat on a Twitch live using OBS Studio and this is the purpose of this article.

Like everything in life, when you start to carry out new projects and you don’t know how to proceed and use the right tool. It may seem difficult and complicated, but once you learn what to do, everything lights up and you step out of the dark. The same thing happened to you when you started creating streaming to be able to monetize and thus earn money as an affiliate.

How to put chat on a Twitch live using OBS Studio

Now to begin we must know that it is necessary to have certain tools to be able to fulfill our mission. The first of these tools is the OBS Studio plugin, with which we will be able to add the Twitch chat to our videos. This of course by means of a URL or link.

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To obtain this plugin we can install it or look in the sources of our Twitch account and we will know if it is available to use it. The other tool that we are going to need is StreamLabs and for this we will go to its official page and log in with our Twitch account, activate Twitch alerts and then log in to StreamLabs.

We may be asked for authorization, if so, you confirm it and you can now make the necessary adjustments in the Twitch chat. To do this we do not go to the left part of the Widget Chatbox browser. Now we are going to find a URL in the Widget URL field and copy it. The next step is to go to OBS Studio and choose the scene in which we will place the chat.

Steps to put the chat on a Twitch live

A new source must be added that is of the BrowseSource type, a name will also be placed on this source. Now the URL that we copied previously must be copied and then the changes are saved. After this action, a red bordered box will be displayed, now you must from the Twitch chat, send messages to confirm that everything works well.

Now it is possible that the Twitch chat is shown in your transmissions , and we will be able to configure its appearance to our liking. The parameter that will be displayed and that you can adjust are the following. If we want to change the theme that is displayed by default and that is where the messages are displayed, we will choose the Themes option.

Now if you want to show everyone the type of user you are, such as if you are a subscriber, moderator, turbo, Twitch prime, bits. Then you must choose the Badges option, you can also hide the user type from here. You can change the font color by selecting Background, if you want to add emoticons select the Extra emotes option.

Another option that you can configure is the font color of the messages and for this you must choose Text Color. To change the size you must select Font Size, the Hide Chatters option is ideal for hiding characters. In order to hide messages that have been going on for a while, you will be able to use the Hide Message After option.

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Another option that helps you hide characters but these are defined, you must choose the Muted Chatters option. And finally, if you know how to work with HTML / CSS, you can customize your chat without any problem with the Enable Custom option. Once the changes have been made and for them to be saved, you must click on the Save Settings option.

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