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Presentations with background images on a PowerPoint slide are undoubtedly a great complementary help to make successful presentations at various events. But not always what we present in view of the audience, provides the desired effect, because many times there is an adverse effect that we are looking for.

How to Put a BACKGROUND IMAGE on a Power Point Slide

Since, if we do not know how to put a background image on a slide in PowerPoint, the presentation could not cause the impact we want. Therefore, an important part of the public attending the event could be bored.

There is no doubt that, to present different ideas in the most didactic, attractive and original way, one of the most used tools today is PowerPoint , which allows you to create professional presentations that include sounds, video and images, in a simple and intuitive.

That is why below we will explain step by step how to put a background image on a slide in PowerPoint.

Step by step how to insert a background image to a slide in PowerPoint

Generally, one of the first things to consider when it comes to the overall design of a PowerPoint presentation is to establish the style to be followed. So, you should take into account as much as possible to preserve the homogeneity across the different slides of the PowerPoint presentation.

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Therefore, you should establish as a first measure the use of a background according to what you have in mind to capture on the slides. Well, without wasting any more time, you will see step by step how to add a simple background with an image to the slides of a PowerPoint presentation.

  • First of all, you must have PowerPoint software on your computer.
  • Now with the program open on the first slide you must go to the “Design tab” which you must click.
  • When you click on the “Design tab”, a new window will be displayed where you must display the ” Background styles ” menu. As you will see as you move the cursor through the different options you will see the changes in the slide you are creating. You can also add more templates to Power Point.
  • At this point you must select by clicking on the one chosen by you. This way you will have your favorite background applied to the existing slides.
  • Later, if you now add a new slide, the PowerPoint software will automatically apply the background established in the previous step.
  • Now go back to the menu “Background Styles” and display its menu.
  • Select the “Background Format” icon. Next, this action will display a new window where you must select the “Format thoroughly” icon.
  • Right at this point to the left you will see a column where “Fill” is located. Here, from the central column, you can apply different backgrounds such as solid fill, gradient, with image and frame fill.

In each particular case, it will offer us different variables to apply, but in this case we will apply with Image, or you can also change the theme or design of your slide so you will get your personalized background with an image in PowerPoint.

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Basic Tips for Making Great PowerPoint Slides

Well conceived and designed slides are an ideal audiovisual medium to convey with simplicity, clarity, objectivity and efficiency any message you want to convey. Guaranteeing the success of a presentation regardless of the topic addressed, therefore, you should keep in mind that:

  • The quality of the presentation influences not only the receptivity of the spectators towards the transmitted information, but also the assessment of its importance, usefulness and the professionalism of the exhibitor.
  • It is important to know that in case you do not like the background image on the slide, you can select the “Reset background” button and it will return to its original design.
  • Use backgrounds with clear images and letters with dark colors, thus you will be able to generate greater harmony between your elements on the slide and you will be able to better convey ideas.

All these tools and steps will guarantee you to successfully add a background image to a PowerPoint slide . Therefore, the quality of the background image and the correct combination of colors in the slides will greatly influence the attention of the viewer.

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