Staying home and enjoying the benefits that technology has to offer has been a good thing for some people. In their free time, some take the opportunity to paint, listen or play music, read … and others to play. In this particular article, we will talk about how to play Super Smash Bros 64 in multiplayer with friends online .

Nothing better than getting back together with friends playing a fun game of video games. And what better way to relive old times with an old and hilarious game.

Time to play Super Smash Bros 64

This amazing video game designed by Nintendo involves characters from iconic video games of this franchise. You will have the possibility to choose between Mario, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Kirby, Zelda and many more. Super Smash Bros 64 has far exceeded 8 million sales, becoming the favorite of many.

jugadores eleccion juego smash

At your disposal there are about 9 battle arenas , with different levels of difficulty and guaranteed fun. It should be noted that some arenas may be hidden, being unlocked only if you follow the instructions that the game will show you.

Game modes

Super Smash Bros 64 is characterized by the simplicity of its combinations. Other fighting games require long and complicated command combinations to perform specific attacks. In addition, it has two modalities: for time or for life.

  • By time : The winner is the one who has been expelled the least times from the battle arena in the set time and collected the most points by expelling the other players.
  • By number of lives : The last player alive is the one who wins the game.

In both modes, in the event of a tie, the battle continues in sudden death mode. The ultimate winner of the battle is nothing more and nothing less than the last player left alive.

Have fun with the multiplayer mode!

Given the age of the game , you might think you need the best Android emulator for PC or something along those lines. The truth is, you are not bad at all, usually these software are the ones that allow you to relive the best hours of fun. It does not matter if it is video games from Playstation 1 or 2, Nintendo or Gamecube.

Despite being an excellent alternative to enjoy the best free games, they are not entirely effective when playing Super Smash Bros 64 in multiplayer r. To do this, you will need the benefits of a console, of course, from Nintendo.

Counting, for example, with a Nintendo Switch, playing Super Smash Bros 64 in multiplayer will be possible. You can organize games against the console and also against your friends. The video game supports 2 to 4 characters per game.

How can I play with my friends?

When you enter Super Smash Bros 64 on your Nintendo Switch, you will see, in the main menu, the option “Wireless Play”. By selecting this option, you will have the possibility of playing great battles with players from anywhere in the world.

To do this, you will have the opportunity to enter random online games . But, if you want to play Super Smash Bros 64 in multiplayer with friends online, then create your own game.

jugar nintendo switch amigos

The private arena will be created through the “Battle Arena” option. Configure the game options according to your preferences and then share the code with your friends so that they enter the room. When they are complete, the fun begins!

Show your superiority!

In this simple way, everything is ready to fight incredible battles with your friends in Super Smash Bros 64 . No matter where you are in the world, it will always be good to share extraordinary moments with the people you love. And what better way than with this amazing video game?

If you want to add an extra spice to all of this, you can always explore tools to stream games live with YouTube. If you have your own channel with a good number of subscribers, they will be able to entertain other people . In addition, the heroic game will be saved on the platform and they will relive it as many times as they want.

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