Do you want to know how to play Minecraft PE with Xbox One or PS4 controller on my Windows PC or Mac ? Then you are visiting the right site! Minecraft has been one of the most important video games in recent years. Its simplicity and features have had a great impact within the gamer community. The playability of this incredible video game has been expanding

That is why it is so important that you read this article. Since here you will find important information and tips to make the most of Minecraft. Now, without further ado … shall we begin?

What is Minecraft?

For those who are just discovering or testing this video game, Minecraft is a building game. The terminology that is frequently used for this game is that of “Sandbox” or “Open world” , you will ask yourself: why?

One of the best features of this video game is that everything, absolutely everything is possible. What happens in the game depends on what you decide to do . Minecraft is not only about building but also about survival.

You must use the resources you find in the game, not only to build or create big and difficult things. But also to face other characters that appear in the game.

Minecraft Pocket Edition

The main version of Minecraft was released in 2009, being available only for computers. However, the developers decided to release Minecraft Pocket Edition (or PE) in 2011.

minecraft pocket edition

It is, of course, a version adjusted to the characteristics of mobile devices. By trying it, you will realize that its features are no better than the PC version . However, it is much easier to play it .

Using Xbox One or PS4 controllers in Minecraft PE

Now … will it be possible to play Minecraf PE with an Xbox One or PS4 controller on my PC? Of course yes! In fact, it is possible to do it with the control of any console and even with generic controls .

However, there is a detail. As previously written, Minecraft PE is the version of the game for Android devices . So, if you want to enjoy this specific version, you should download Bluestacks in its latest version, the Android emulator for PC.

Without a doubt, the combination of the Android emulator and the Xbox One or PS4 controllers improve the gaming experience . Especially when playing multiplayer Minecraft with two or more people.

How to do it?

Once the emulator is installed on your Windows PC or Mac, you must download and install Minecraft PE »Pocket Edition». Thus you will have the possibility to proceed, finally, to use the command of your choice .

Important! In the case of Windows, the Xbox One controller can be linked to the PC via bluetooth or USB . However, to use the PS4 controller in Windows, you must use it connected by USB. In MAC computers, it is recommended to keep the controllers connected via USB cable.

With that point cleared, it’s time to play Minecraft PE with an Xbox One or PS4 controller on my PC. To do this, you have to follow a series of simple instructions, which are shown below:

  1. Access the BlueStacks settings and go to the ” Preferences ” section.
  2. Check or enable the “ Enable gamepad detection ” and “ Use gamer’s inbuilt gamepad controlsboxes .
  3. If you’ve already done so, it’s time to connect your Xbox One or PS4 controller to your computer.
  4. When the controller is effectively linked with the computer, you will see a box in BlueStacks that says “ Gamepad connected ”.
  5. Now you can enter Minecraft PE.
  6. Do you need to configure the controls? Select “Settings” and go to “Controller.”
  7. All ready? Time to play!

bluestack gamepad detection

Enjoy Minecraft PE with Xbox One or PS4 controllers

As you will see, the procedure is extremely simple and does not require the installation of dubious programs . BlueStacks is one of the best Android emulators for PC.

Why play Minecraft PE with an Xbox One or PS4 controller on my PC? This alternative is really effective to optimize and improve performance in Minecraft. So go ahead! Add hours of fun with this incredible game and with the control of your favorite console.

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