For those who have the biggest trend on Facebook among the various social networks, in this article you will learn about different ways to place or insert a link in a Facebook comment and also make it look the most attractive .

One of the strengths of Facebook and one that keeps it leading the social media market is its ability to capture the needs , concerns and particularities of its millions of users.

Facebook constantly tracks what its users like, in order to keep up to date and adapt to the demands and demands of the increasingly competitive world of social networks.

There are many comments that you can make on Facebook over time, and if at any time you want to see the comments you made, Facebook allows you to review them again.

Publish attractive content

If we Facebook users should be attentive to something, whether we do it personally, and more so when we manage a brand, it is the content that we constantly publish through this social network.

People are eager that the content that is published is not only attractive at first glance, but also interesting and that it captures their attention. Today we will show you how to insert a link in a Facebook comment.

What does this mean, how important is the form and the background of the content that people post through Facebook. So, the ideal is to capture the first view of the followers with a link made with images and a creative and innovative design . And at the same time, offer content that invites those who follow you to stop and read it in full.


One of these ways is achieved by inserting links in a comment or Facebook post. This is the job that digital marketers prepare for, but everyone can also do it from their particular field. Even if you have a digital store you can add Instagram links to your Facebook.

How to insert a link in a Facebook comment?

Here is a simple way of the steps you must follow to place or insert a link in a Facebook comment .

  • First open the Facebook account in which you plan to work. You go to the link, copy it, and insert it in the biography of the page, located at the top.
  • In general, when you do this type of “ Copy and paste ” maneuver, the source address of the link, or URL, is pasted with the content, which represents an unaesthetic image to the eye, and at the same time takes up space for a good design.
  • As with the URL, the images and graphics included in it are also added automatically when you copy and paste the link. In that sense, the ideal is to customize these aspects of the publication or preview, before publishing any content, for which there are several customization alternatives.

You can even share posts on Facebook that don’t give you the option to share.

Follow these steps

  • In the case of photos, you can add or delete the images that appear in the preview, with a simple “Click” on the graphic to disable it. If, on the contrary, what you want is to add a photo, press the + key and load the graphic of your choice.


  • To remove or add video to the preview , the procedure is similar. You position yourself on the video that appears in preview and you give the option to disable. In case you intend to add, you place the video in the file where it is contained and give the option + to enable it in the preview.
  • Finally, you have the option to edit the text that appears in the source link and that by default is added when you do the copy and paste procedure. In this case, it is enough to shade said text, and write a text according to your preferences.

In this way, the steps to place or insert a link or a Facebook comment have been shown. Make the links you post on this social network as interesting as possible, both from an aesthetic point of view and from the content itself so that you get more followers every day.

As another marketing strategy, you also have the option of advertising links or Facebook accounts on a website.

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